The Darkwood Mysteries: The Conspiracies of Shadow & Fire

DM COVER TCOFASThe Conspiracies of Shadow & Fire:
Conspiracies in the past unfold in the present and pitch Darkwood and Hobbs into a desperate struggle where they are uncertain of who they can trust, and drawn to a confrontation with the ultimate evil…

A five-part story, and the finale of this current run of The Darkwood Mysteries. Available at: The Darkwood Mysteries

You may have noticed that this story is out early. I had intended to publish this over five months, taking The Darkwood Mysteries well into 2014, but I am currently working a full-time job and studying in my own time. As I had the editing done I wanted to get this out there so I could concentrate on my studies, and I kind of thought people might not want to wait for five months to read this tale in its entirety.

You can expect more writing for me in 2014 though. I will be editing all four of my novels for release, and I will be working on new tales for The Darkwood Mysteries in preparation for the next run…