The Darkwood Mysteries into 2014…

FB Square Question Mark2013 saw the launch of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. A series of short tales set in Victorian England following the investigations of Emily Darkwood and her young servant Jack Hobbs into supernatural and criminal mysteries.

Darkwood and Hobbs have been with me since I was in my early teens, thanks to being inspired by the ‘Doctor Who’ adventure ‘The Talons of Weng-Chiang’. Had I put pen to paper back then it would undoubtedly have been fan fiction. However, ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ (as the ideas have become) have had plenty of time to develop. Aiming for a mash-up of Sherlock Holmes crime and adventure stories and Lovecraftian horror stories–I always felt that Holmes was missing monsters!

In 2013 I released all 9 stories in 15 instalments of the first run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’, and pitted Darkwood and Hobbs against killers, terrorists, cultists, a vampire, a ghost, an un-dead Egyptian mummy, mole men, fear, a winged demon, and the very Devil himself. Many of these mysteries were solved and the threats dealt with, but we have barely scratched the surface of the main mysteries–just what is the guide-stone that Darkwood possess? What happened to Darkwood’s parents? Who is the man in the mirror? What will the Hellfire Club do next to secure the lodestone of darkness for themselves? Will Darkwood and Hobbs be able to hold back the Shadow people? What terrible future awaits Darkwood and Hobbs?

It will be a wait to learn a little more, but 2014 will bring Darkwood and Hobbs back to start another 15 instalments. Being planned and written at this very moment between work, studies and drinking tea… So watch this space for news and more releases!

All 15 instalments of the current run are still available for FREE from

As ever, you can support Darkwood and Hobbs to continue their investigations with encouraging reviews and follows on twitter and facebook.


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