New Titles for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’…

coverAs spectator sports go, writing has to be the dullest…

However, I’m coming up for air out of the creative depths to tell you that I have decided on the next run of stories for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. It wasn’t easy, as I have so many ideas for this series, so I have spent a bit of time switching stories in and out of the running. Turns out I have enough ideas for another four or five runs similar to the first, so let’s hope you guys want to read them…

Anyway, before this turns into a ramble, I can tell that there will be another 15 instalments titled:

The Hound at the Door

The Philanthropy of the Dead

The Silence of the Spanish Lady

The Nature of Spring-Heeled Jack (three-parter)

The City of the Drowning

The Rise of the Dragon (three-parter)

The Other Darkwood

The Slaves of the Underworld (three-parter)

The Disaster Man

Two of these are pretty much written (the opener and closer). I hope that has piqued your interest. Look out for more posts to come about some of the story details…