Back to the keyboard…

My bookkeeping level 2 group finished last week when I sat my exam. It’s such a relief to have that done. I have to wait a couple of months for the results though. I’m signed up for the AAT level 2 in bookkeeping and accountancy for September, so if that is as intense as I think it might be it only leaves me the summer for writing. And I have lots planned…

‘Ivory’ and ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ are coming to Kindle this month, and I will be throwing myself into writing another run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. My lovely editor is hard at work on ‘Harvest’, ‘The Pack’ and ‘The Room’, so when I get those back I will be busy on those too.

How about another tease? Here are the details of story 3 and 4 in the next run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ as they stand at the moment…

The Silence of the Spanish Lady

One of Darkwood’s tutors is being tormented. Something has been taken from him and a veiled lady is taunting him. Is it a blackmailer or is it a sinister spectre? He has a secret to protect and everything to lose…

The Nature of Spring-Heeled Jack

Women are being assaulted and bled. A London terror has returned. But just what is this fiend that descends upon its victim from the sky and makes its escape into the streets beyond in a simple spring and bound. Darkwood, Hobbs and their gypsy allies are on the hunt. The monstrosities they discover will mark this as one of their most unusual encounters…


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