Sleepless Nights, Bobby, & ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’…

More news on ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. But first, I have to mention sleep. Precious sleep. It has been in short supply recently. Not because of the ghastly crisinals and the creepy ghouls that lurk in Darkwood and Hobbs’ world which I’ve been immersed in, no, it has been from more earthly causes. Namely a bar beneath us that likes to have a bit of fun outside of hours from time to time, and new neighbours who have impressive stamina when it comes to partying. Basically, when I’ve given up trying to get any sleep and get up, say around 5 or 6 they go to bed. It’s also because of Bobby…

Bobby is not a wild sexual partner. Bobby is a little iddy biddy cat. Bobby. aka Bobzilla…DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

I love Bobby. He’s a very affectionat cat. Pretty much like static attracted velcro in the way that he can sense a lap as soon as one is available (or almost available) and is all over it. However, he likes to get up early and have company and he has a sonic blast miaow to request our presence. Failing that he will bash the hell out of his litter box flap (I’m convinced it’s behavioural!). My hayfever also tends to kick in in the early hours of the morning at times, so I wake up with that. I’ve noticed I find I sleep a lot more lightly than I ever used to. So, when I hit the weekend I’m so tired I’m in full-on zombie mode and feeling pretty unmotivated or struggling to concentrate.

Not very supportive of writing. I have been productive though, and with two Darkwoods behind me I’m now done on a third. Not the pace I had when writing the first run, but I’m on it and enjoying sowing some seeds for later events… Always one to get ahead of myself!

So until the invention of this…


I will just have to do my best despite the lack of sleep.

My woes aside, fancy a teaser of two more Darkwood’s? I’ve decided to add another story, ‘The Crime in the Black Museum’ (working title), to the running order. I’ll explain why in a later post

The Crime in the Black Museum

Inspector Duggan has been warned that a killer will kill again. Except the criminal has already gone to the gallows for his deeds… And just why is Duggan willing to believe a woman he considered a fraud?

The Other Darkwood

Religious fanatics are being lured into suicide for the promise of salvation. One man’s lies. And Gha G’Olgaroth the Lord of Deceit and Old One feeds on them. But everyone lies. Even Darkwood and Hobbs. Even to each other…

What do you think?

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