‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ news…

My final tease of what’s to come in the second run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. These will be the final two installments of the series.

The Slaves of the Underworld

People are disappearing from a workhouse. Who or what is taking the men, women and children, and for what purpose? Hobbs faces the fear of his youth by entering it to investigate and becomes one of the disappeared and finds old friends and old enemies. Will Darkwood save Hobbs or will she become another slave of the underworld?

The Disaster Man

Darkwood suspects that a bedridden patient is cursed, that disaster has followed him in his travels. Could London face destruction? Darkwood and Hobbs face a dilemma, but with the Hellfire Club involved is everything as it seems in this second series finale. The stakes are personal and high.

In the continued evolution of the series I’ve reconsidered multi-part stories. I’ve decided that instead of being split they are either going to be short or long. The reason being that producing them as parts or episodes once a month worked fine on the first run as they were available for free on Smashwords, but the Kindle restrictions around charging and work being made free has made me rethink things. Personally, I didn’t want to charge as much as 99p for a story, although I think it’s a fair price as a chocolate bar costs about 70p these days and my tales last longer–and they are better for your health. I didn’t really want to collect them together in one volume yet. Also, I want the stories to be the length they need to be. Many of the short stories have run on to be novella or novelette lengths as they are, and I didn’t want to have to force cliffhangers into plots or have to try and balance the lengths of parts.

So, no more multi-part stories. What I’ve done is collate the three part story ‘The Wrath of the Dragon’ into a novella, and the five part story ‘The Conspiracies of Shadow and Fire’ into a novel length installment, which means you get quite a bit more for your 99p on those two.

You’re welcome.

Next post I will be talking about the themes of the next series and I might also being teasing a look I have settled on for some promotional artwork for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’…

What do you think?

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