Advanced overview of the second series of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ & a new look…

Over previous posts I’ve revealed titles and plot teases for the next run of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’. This time I’m going to give you a few more details on the characters and the themes of the second series.

The first series has hopefully established the format of the tales–two friends, Darkwood and Hobbs, investigating the criminal and supernatural in pursuit of the truth around what happened to Emily Darkwood’s parents and understanding of the stone that she inherited with its curious draw on mystery.

I want this series to be accessible to anyone, regardless of the story someone starts with, but I also want to deepen the experience for those that have read a few tales (or all!). I read all the Sherlock Holmes stories a couple of years ago, and while I loved the accessible format and premise I wanted more from Holmes and Watson as characters. The drama rarely revolved around them as people and their world never felt threatened. It felt too comfy. Call me mean, but I don’t want ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ to become comfy. So, there will be some drama for Darkwood and Hobbs…

Hopefully ‘The Spindly-Snatcher’ gave readers the understanding that the future is far from rosy for our pair. In the second series I’m continuing the world building, fleshing Inspector Duggan out, especially his and Hobbs’ relationship, and I will be teasing out a little more intrigue around Darkwood’s stone–other stones are going to make an appearance, along with a new threat directly connected to them. With that in mind, the Man in the Mirror who seemed to try and help Darkwood and Hobbs in ‘The Conspiracies of Shadow and Fire’ will be making a return.

Whilst on returns, Patrin and Florica Deakin, the gypsy allies of Darkwood and Hobbs, will be back for a monster hunt across London. The Hellfire Club, the Shadow people, and the Mandarin are back–up to more schemes, and a few other threats from the first series will be back to menace Darkwood and Hobbs once more.

It’s definitely not all returns though, new companion characters will be making appearances, a clairvoyant, a shape-shifting man of society and his faithful servant, a retired detective, an informant/spy, and an old friend of Jack Hobbs. There will also be some new threats, a woman scorned, Spring-Heeled Jack, a curse, the undead, a killer, and the threat of an Ancient One.

Amidst the struggle between good and evil (and the grey in between) the main theme of the next series will be consequences. Darkwood and Hobbs are champions–that’s already established. But people can’t fight crime and confront the supernatural without consequences. They aren’t immune to hurt or harm and they aren’t perfect. Darkwood has her reputation and career to risk, and she has a responsibility towards Hobbs–a young man who is following her into darkness. Both will be pushed to doing things that will challenge who they are and who or what they want to be.

I hope that has piqued your interest.

Teasing aside… ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ is a developed world in my head, but until recently I have struggled to establish a look for the series that I’ve been happy with. That may have all changed… I have modified the logo and simplified the layout of the covers for what I hope is a cleaner presentation–a balance between a Victorian/modern look. I have also been working on some noir style images to give ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ site an improved look. Here’s a sneak peek of the new cover design and I will be teasing some more images and promo material in posts to come…


What do you think?

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