It’s Alive! Aliiiiiive! Again.

Ivory Alive

‘Ivory’ is back on Amazon. Yup. After Amazon pulled ‘Ivory’ off the virtual bookshelf last week for an alleged copyright infringement, I sent an email asking for the details of the copyright infringement…

I didn’t get a response. I sent a second email last Sunday and got a reply the next day.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your recent email regarding your rights to distribute Ivory by Steve Merrifield. I’ve reviewed the information you provided and made your book available for sale. It will be available for purchase in the Kindle Store within 24 hours.

Best Regards,
Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

And they did. It was back in the store the very next day. All as if nothing had happened. Although it had. It had turned my little writery world upside down and shaken it about a bit. Well, I guess it’s not hard to do that when my writery world consists of tea breaks and fending off cat incursions. So, I’m really pleased that Amazon responded. Dealing with a massive faceless corporation could have been really frustrating, but thankfully this seems to have been resolved easily. The only things that still trouble me are that I haven’t been given the details of the copyright infringement or the claimant, and just how easily someone can get an indie writer’s work taken down. Next year I will be making sure that my work is in as many markets as possible. If someone is going to try and cause me trouble, I may as well make it a bit tougher for them to bring my book down.

Thanks for all the supportive messages. I hope other people who are going through this have their situations resolved as quickly as this. Now ‘Ivory’ is back, I just need a shed load of people to buy it. Oh, and if the person who brought ‘Ivory’ down just happens to be reading this…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

1 thought on “It’s Alive! Aliiiiiive! Again.

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