All Change: New Blog, New Looks, New Sites & Embracing My Inner Geek…

Darkwood FB square

Notice anything different about the place? Like the swanky new banner above? Like the two new websites for my horror novels and my series ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ via the menu links above? Like the new logo for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’? Like all the new imagery on ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ site? You better. It’s been a busy time here… I’ve been thinking up the new look, creating the images, and my ever supportive fella has been making my ideas into a working website. Glad I stuck a ring on it 😉 .

I’ve just had ‘The Room’ back from my editor, so I’ll have to get on shaping that up for re-release. Plus, I’m planning some content for this blog… Shocking, I know. I do like blogging, but I’ve not really felt that writing gives me much to actually write about. So, I was thinking that really, now my blog is no longer my writing site I can have a bit more fun with it. Also, what with studying and editing I’m not getting my writing time and I need an outlet. I was having a bit of an existential moment, thinking about myself beyond my passion for writing, I’m a big ol’ geek for sci-fi, horror and fantasy books, TV, movies, and toys, so I’m going to be talking about these a bit more. Throwing my views out and about a bit.

You might even want to join in. Are you creative? Do you have geeky passions you want to share? Are you doing something cool that others could join in or might want to attend too? There’s a lot of geeky stuff out there that I’m sure I would like to know about and/or consume, and others would want to know about, so drop me a line and tell me about it. Maybe we could link blogs, or you could write a post about something geeky you want us to join you on.

I’m going to be (trying) to post more regularly, and coming up soon with 2014 about to be history, I’m going a bit reflective for a couple of posts on the highs and lows of 2014 personally and geekily. So come and check me out over the festive period.

First though… Time to test your geeky knowledge… The banner above is crammed full of all things that have stuck with me in my imagination over the years. How many can you name? (my poor photoshopping permitting that is). Answers in the comments section.


What do you think?

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