Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2014

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

Ah, ‘Downton Abbey’. Not sci-fi. Not horror. Not fantasy. Why is it in my life? Why does it reach down into me with its velvety glove and caress my heart–or poke me in my eye balls until I man-cry? I don’t know, but I don’t think I need to. I just know that I love this show. Downton is like crack to me, I just can’t get enough of it. Downton. Gets. My. Geek. On.

I was more looking forward to this than the Doctor Who Christmas special. What’s wrong with me?!

Thankfully this episode didn’t rip my heart out bleeding into my tub of celebrations and leave me needing therapy like the evil Christmas special car crash a couple of years ago.
What a downer that was. If you experienced it you know it. It was a pretty mellow and  enjoyable two hours. Actually, that’s why I think I like this show, it’s like a soothing analgesic against real life.

As plots go, it was essentially the conclusion of season 5. I think pretty much all the big plots of season 5 were, unusually, resolved in this show. I really thought the Anna storyline was going to be the meat of season 6. After such a build up and the cliffhanger, but it’s all over with. That’s a relief though, as Bates and Anna have really been through it. They’ve been the punching bag of Julian Fellowes for quite some time. Speaking of punching bags, Edith’s secret child plot seems pretty much done with now too. Thankfully, because the separation in season 5 was really difficult viewing. Tom’s threatened leaving could be done now, the Violet and the princess Kuragin plot seems to have ended too, with a nice touch of humanising Violet in the process. Isobel’s late life chance of romance with Lord Merton seems to have ended, with her doing the ‘decent’ thing and letting the proposal go, which was a frustrating shame, we know she can fight her corner and I would’ve liked to have seen her within another family setting in her own right. Rose has also assured her place in the family she has married into and Sinderby might (should) get that Crawley shaped stick out of his butt now.

It wasn’t all endings though, Molesley and Baxter seem to be continuing their limp ‘romance’ and he actually got some respect from everyone–finally. He’s been trying to get recognised beyond his involuntary impression of a prat for a while now, Edith and Mary could be getting new beaus which could be good (Edith–happy?! I’ll wait and see…). I think Barrow’s rehabilitation from imaginary-moustache-twirling villain continues (despite taking his revenge on Lord Sinderby a tad too far–don’t call Barrow a fool or your ex dalliance and bastard child might get invited to the next family social), and I think they might be lining him up with a bit of trouser action by bringing in the new footman, Goddard, from the London jaunt at the end of season 5. My gaydar is pinging on that one. The show needs a bit of rough man on man.

Right, the bits that got me by the emotions were Bates giving Molesley his resignation, Robert telling Edith he knows about Marigold, Tom, Mary and Edith remembering Sybil (that came out of nowhere–I thought it was going to be Edith coming out about Marigold to Mary, so it was particularly evil), and Mr. Branson proposing a business deal marriage to Mrs. Hughes. SLOWEST BURNING ROMANCE. EVER. They went from holding hands at the end of season 4 to a proposal with nothing in between… I’m not complaining though, I’ve been waiting for that to happen. Just don’t give them the Anna and Bates tortured romance treatment. What bits got you?

Aside from broth-gate that was pretty much it. A nice two hour Christmas special with heart and emotion–all without tragedy. Can we have a Peter Jackson four hour extended edition next time though? Or from Christmas Eve just run the whole series up to that point again with a special tagged on the end? I’d do that every Christmas. Or just film and show it 24/7? I love this show. DOWNTON DRAMA MY LIFE MR. FELLOWES. FOR. EVER. But easy on the tragedy.

Is Downton your guilty pleasure? Are you in the closet about your Downton-love? Or are you a bit ‘Downton-curious’? Let me know what it is about this show that uncharacteristically gives you the geek on. It might help me figure it out for myself…


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