Geek Highs & Lows of 2014: Lego Death Star


That’s no moon. It’s more Lego and geek than a grown-man can deal with.

The geekiest high for me in 2014 was getting home from my course and finding this on the dining table waiting for me.

My awesome boyfriend had rushed out and bought it for me while I had been studying. I’d only said the day before that I fancied doing some Lego as a way to chill out from work, studying, and editing. Must talk more about things I want…

We had a trip to Venice planned, and I’m not a big holiday fan. Weird, I know. The trip was three days. The Lego Death Star took us four and a half days–and building this beat the holiday hands down. So, if your other half fancies a trip to Venice, thlovey this instead. You can actually justify the cost of this then because it’s cheaper and you’ll have much more fun… I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed building this. There was no inner geek child making this–he was free and at play and I had an inner (nearly) middle-aged man instead. It was so much fun.

The box seems like it holds more Lego than anyone would come into contact with in their lifetime, and an instruction manual about an inch thick.  I loved every bit of this, from the ultra cute mini figs to recreating classic Star Wars sets in bright shiny plastic, to all the little  engineered functions and moving parts you can only appreciate by ‘playing’ with the model itself. The detail this thing crams into one model is mind blowing.

I ended up buying a shed load of mini figs to populate the Death Star and a glass case to keep it dust free and away from the wantonly destructive cats. It looks awesome. And the only thing more satisfying than finishing it would be doing it all again.

This was my unbeatable geek high of 2014. Make it your geek high of 2015. Your inner geek will lover you forever. It is AWESOME. But words don’t do this justice.


‘Welcome to this fully armed and operational Lego battle station!’

Check this video by jangbricks out:


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