Geek Highs & Lows of 2014: Game of Thrones season 4


You may want to skip this ‘review’ and leave me alone with ‘Game of Thrones’. It’s a love in. We’re going to have babies together. There aren’t any spoilers though. Although my other half might be surprised about my family plans with Thrones.

In no particular order, my top moments:

Top gasp moments…

The purple wedding. I did not expect death to come in that way. I thought there would be a dominant plot that would span episodes, or would be during a battle at King’s Landing. Nope. Still very satisfying. Plus the revelation of the actual plot and the players was really unexpected.

The moon door death. I just did not know where that was going to leave the characters involved.

THAT fight scene. I really didn’t expect it to go that way. I thought the series had a new protagonist. I forgot that the writer hates his character–and us.

Top conflicted moments…

Brienne and the Hound fighting. I didn’t want either of them to win or lose as I like both characters so much.

Sansa’s change. I’ve wanted her to stop being a victim for an age now. Not sure I like where this is going though… Maybe if she gets some payback it’ll be okay.

I want Daenerys to sweep across Westeros. Yet, I can’t help think ‘why?’. Especially as it’ll pitch her against other characters I like. OK. It’s her home, and all her family were killed, so revenge, yes, I can get with that. But, a lot of the taking of Westeros seems to have been her brother’s want. Daenerys could make her own mark in the lands that she’s taken now, and make it a better place than Westeros if she learns from the lessons she’s been given.

The dragons. All the mysticism surrounding the birth of the dragons and their connection with Daenerys, marking her seemingly as some divinely chosen leader, seems to be coming apart. Where will this leave Daenerys? How will the dragons respond to their treatment?

Who should get their claws in the king? Cersei or Margaery? I don’t want it to be Cersei, but the Martell’s have their own agenda and I don’t think we’ve seen the true face of Margaery–and she’s a player.

Top satisfying moments…

Tyrion has been through it, but after watching what life he did have be utterly pulled apart and betrayed, to see him have his revenge was awesome. Plus, the ignominious death of his final victim was a nice touch. Tyrion better get those little legs running though as he needs to get out of there. But to where? Hard to know where that leaves him.

So much of the fight at the wall. It was epic. The scythe was AWESOME. Sam and Gilly. Even Ygritte and Jon–it should have been hard to know who to root for, but it came down to living or dying, and I was okay with the outcome.

Top moments of fun…

Arya and the hound. Brienne and Podrick. That’s about it, but I clutch at whatever I can get in this show!

Top moments of hope…

Jaime. Apart from what we’ve seen him do in previous series, and the sister shagging in a very inappropriate place this series, Jaime is shaping up to be a protagonist to get behind. I think… Clutching at straws for characters to root for. He had touching scenes with Brienne and especially Tyrion. Be nice to see where his character goes.

Bran. I have no idea where his plot is going, but surely it has to be something that is going to turn the world upside down. I’m hopeful it’s going to be in a good way…

The reunion of the Starks. We came so close this season. I was hopeful that a couple of them would be back together, but, knowing this show it wouldn’t have been a happy reunion. The few that remain are so disparate and will want such different things, and will be in such different positions, that even if they did band together I don’t know what it would achieve. They’re hardly going to retire from the struggles and set up a nice home together and live happily ever after… I just want Sansa to be safe and not end up like Cersei, and Arya to become an untouchable bad ass, and Bran to become a direwolf riding Gandalf…

Another fantastic series. I can watch the Hell out of this. Just, er, like my Downton love… It’s a curious show, in that it’s a world of grey characters and causes–very few black and white motivations for my own moral compass to help me find people I want to root for. It’s all about the moments and how I want them to turn out, because for anyone to ‘succeed’ others have to suffer and that character is likely going to have to go to a place which changes or redefines that character–probably in the negative. It’s still compelling stuff and totally unpredictable as this show does not follow rules or dramatic expectations, which I love. Except when it leaves me feeling beaten to a pulp. That being said though, bring on the next beating. I want it, and I want it now. George R. R. Martin has made masochists of us all.

I have no idea where this story will go, or how it can ever be satisfyingly resolved, but I can’t wait to find out. Of course, I would be happy for it to be endless…

Finally, just started to read the books. I’m not going to read beyond the show, but I’m already enjoying the deeper experience, and having a season break Thrones fix!

What did you think of this season? No spoilers please.


4 thoughts on “Geek Highs & Lows of 2014: Game of Thrones season 4

  1. This was a wonderful and detailed review, thank you.

    Posts like these bring the previous seasons of GoT rushing back to me.

    I really enjoyed this season, largely because the Lannisters start the season pretty much on top, but start experiencing very House Stark-like situations. Family split apart, dead boy king, dead patriarch, unreliable allies, etc.

    It’s not that I really have a grudge against the Lannisters, I’m rooting for a Jaime redemption, and like their uncle Tyyrion, I recognize that Tommen and Myrcella might turn out okay.

    That battle at the Wall was pretty spectacular. The North storyline really it kicked it up a notch with the Wildlings making their move. And since the Wildling horde included people like the Thenns, it raised the stakes if how important it was for the Night’s Watch not to lose.

    Thank the Old Gods and the New that Ned Stark’s decision to back Stannis finally had some positive consequences, when his grace Stannis showed a willingness to respect Jon Snow’s opinion because Jon was Ned’s acknowledged bastard.

    I’m all worked up now.

    Only three months until Season 5. Must be patient, somehow!

    Thank you again for the great review.


    • You’re welcome. Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply.
      Yeah it’s been great seeing the Lannisters rise and now their potential wobble at the top. It would be good to have a Jaime redemption. He’s good hero material–in a world that really redefines what you can expect from a hero. I’m not feeling much love for Stannis with the Red Witch behind him, her and her religion scare me. Plus i don’t feel we’ve had much time with that side in the show to get a feel for them. I want to see more of the Dornish and hope they’ll be a big player–and that they are a bit more palatable.
      Is it only three months? That’s not as bad as I thought. Thought it wouldn’t be back until the summer. Hopefully I’ll be posting regular reviews then. Be good to have you along for the ride if you’re about. 🙂

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