Beef With Gotham… With Dick Gags…

I just read a bit of news about ‘Gotham’, that Rob Gorrie will be joining the show as Dick Grayson’s father for a storyline that will ultimately lead to his and his wife’s deaths at the hands of a mobster–leaving little Dick (chuckle) to be taken in as Bruce Wayne’s ward.

Now, I don’t want to beat on a Dick (chuckle) heritage storyline, and I don’t want to be more harsh about a show I’ve already cited it as a geek low of 2014–after just watching the pilot and on its premise, but this storyline is an example of what gets me about ‘Gotham’. Now, I’m no comic geek–Batman, for me, has been a TV and movie experience–and while I’m sure the Grayson’s probably have their own plot in the odd comic series, is this something to get excited about in a TV show, which is basically all background?

Typically, a character’s history is fed to us through or around the plot, developing the character in a show. This character is going to have a plot, I’m sure, but he’s ultimately going to die, and unless they do a time jump, we’re not going to see Dick taken in by Bruce (chuckle). This is back story for Robin. A character we’re surely not going to even see? This news doesn’t add anything to this show or make me want to watch it anymore.

I want Dick (chuckle). I want Dick to turn into Robin (chuckle), and I want Batman to be part of Dick coming (chuckle) to be Robin, and I want It to happen in a live-action Batman show.

DC are really missing a trick.


What do you think?

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