Ultra Stylised Vinyl Dynamix Doctor Who 10th Doctor…


Normally I like my geek merch to look the part–faithful reproductions of my favourite geek in miniature. So, I’m quite surprised that I like this latest addition to the geekagerie on our desk–a caricature of David Tennant’s Doctor. I’m even more surprised that I didn’t buy it for myself, but for my other half who is not much of a Doctor Who fan. He is a Tennant Doctor Who fan though, and he found this vinyl figure of Tennant’s Doctor at the Birmingham MCM con late last year. Father Christmas took note…

It’s a really fun sculpt and I think nicely captures the quick to enthuse and joke, but ultimately broody tenth Doctor. It’s not poseable, so no distracting joins, and has a nice weight to it, so it feels substantial. It has two heads, so you can switch them out. They were quite a snug fit, so we worried about breaking the glasses or the hair, To lube, or not to lube… Thankfully it’s pretty solid and we needn’t have worried. We opted for the 3D specs as they just make him look even more fun. He can stand by himself, or he has a magnetic connection to an oval black base which stops any wobbles from the mini lanky Doctor. My favourite feature is that manga spiky hair that he has going on. It comes in a glossy window box, but he’s easily removed and replaced for those collectors that like their repackaging for resale merch.

It’s produced through Big Chief Studios and is of a limited run of 500. Normally it’s £60-£70 but they have a sale on at the moment and multi buy deals. I would say it’s a little steep in price, but it is a short and limited run. Plus it’s quite different from the other stylised merchandise like the Funko Pop Heads and Titans, and a more recognisable caricature–and cuter for it. The company do a Matt Smith Doctor in the same range and also do some awesome 1:6 scale highly detailed poseable reproductions, and have Peter Capaldi and William Hartnell Doctors (among others!) In that line, as well as Weeping Angels and the TARDIS. Hopefully we’ll get some other Doctors too.

Ah, for infinite space and money!



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