Poltergeist Trailer Thoughts…

Days after stories that the remake of Poltergeist would be a 3D kids’ film the trailer has dropped. This does not look like a kids’ film. Unless you want to traumatise your child…

In my response to the remake of a Poltergeist I was dead against it. Now?

I’m no ardent purist, I love the 80s ‘The Thing’, enjoyed the 90s ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and ‘Night of the Living Dead’, and the 00s ‘House on Haunted Hill’. But, I’ve had plenty of remakes like ‘The Fog’, ‘Amityville’, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Evil Dead’ which either haven’t stood up to their originals or have been just unenjoyable rehashes. I’ll admit it’s hard to please those that have seen the original due to the time and place when the original was experienced by the person. For a remake to please a fan of an original it has to get through the nostalgia and the comfort a rewatched favourite gives us.

This though, this has made me think it could be good.

Follow the peaks and troughs of my thoughts as I watched:
That opening shot of a red sky–is that thetree? I hope the tree attack will be kept in. It’s so outlandish I love it. I used to hate being able to see it if windows at night when I was a kid. Probably because of that scene.
The family arriving at the house to move in–that’s different, the Freelings had been in their house for a little while in the original. I can live with that.
The girl is called Maddie, and not Carole-Anne–WTF?! That’s wrong. Why change it? Why deprive the film if the classic lines?
The scene where the children are experiencing wonder at the static from the wardrobe door–evokes the sense of curiosity and fun around the phenomenon from the original. I like that.
The musical toy comes to life–used in many haunted house stories, but toys were used to good affect in the original Poltergeist so that’s hopeful.
The scene where Maddy is taken–looks to have been turned from the light show of the original to a very sinister scene with all those eyes jiggling at her.
Jared Harris’ character–looks to be the Tangina Barrons replacement. I like the actor, but the character being male is a big turn off. I liked this character being female. The original film had three quite prominent females in the film. Kathy Bates would’ve been a great choice. Surprised Harris took it after a similar role in another supernatural film ‘The Quiet Ones’.
The hands in the TV pressing against the glass–nice touch. An improvement on the original.
Maddy’s mum and dad running through the bedroom into supernatural light. There’s a rope leading to the back wall–looks like a similar exploration and mapping of the portals to the otherside as in the original. So the investigation and rescue could be going a similar way.
The clown doll–yup, they know what scares us alright. That’s been kept so I’m happy 🙂
The house exploding–looks in keeping with the original.
The character being attacked with a drill–evocative of the garage escape scene from the original. So again, could be faithful.
More lights–also similar to the paranormal activity of the original but more intense.
The car flipping–could that be from a scene at the end where the dead are popping up out of the ground wrecking the neighbourhood? Hope so.
Maddy scaring her father or acting as a lure for an attack–new and SCARY.
Maddy being yanked up the stairs–possibly a scene where it looks like it could be all over but isn’t? Like in the original but on crack?!

This trailer makes me want to see this film. To be honest, that’s great, and despite my initial hate on a remake of this I would like this to be the close remake which updates the effects and dials up the scares as it seems to be.

I don’t know what’s worse though–out and out hating a remake straight off, or feeling drawn in only to be disappointed as I have so many times before with remakes. Despite my better judgement I’m willing to back off and give this a chance.

What are your thoughts now you’ve seen this trailer? Has it intrigued you as it has me?


What do you think?

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