The Flash Episode 10 ‘Revenge of the Rogues’ Review…


I didn’t realise how much I was looking forward to this until it was in my face. After the mid-season cliffhanger it was all back to business with Barry upping his game so he can challenge the Yellow Flash. Can I just say–the jump, twist, catch the missile, and throwing it back at the drone was AWESOME. I can’t even play badminton. Starting off with the STAR labs gang all together did something this episode managed several times–made me momentarily forget myself with Dr Wells through his joining in with the team banter. A nice touch which served as a reminder of his duplicity and how rounded he is as a villain. If that’s what he truly is…

I wonder if there’s going to be some redemption for West in whatever his motives are. Was he about to abandon his paraplegic ruse to save Barry in the drone test? There was an exchange between Barry and Wells when they both defined what they were to each other–to Barry, Wells is a friend, to Wells, Barry is a partner–and I got a sense of this as Barry being a means to an end in whatever his agenda is, but we know time travel is involved and there is a dead wife in Wells’ past…

It was good to see the return of Cold–I do like a returning villain and I’m hoping this series will develop a cast of them. They’re keeping the tension simmering between Wells and Detective West and Cisco had a nice moment with the police Chief with a reminder of his culpability in Central city’s troubles with the meltdown and the cold gun. Caitlin is not served so well–making quips about her dead fiance flying when this loss and guilt is potentially the meat for her character. I’m sure she and Iris will get more to do as it’s a very male led cast.

While I’m on weaknesses, in the street arena with Flash versus Cold and Pyro why were the police just standing there? It’s like they forgot they had, you know, guns… Also, the scene where Iris was leaving made me chuckle when her dad gives Barry and Iris some space for their goodbye. About five foot of space–with him just sitting down on the couch in the SAME ROOM. Dad fail lol.

My nitpicking aside, the show has made a strong return and I look forward to seeing Cold and Pyro teaming up with their mystery liberator. Oh, and I think I have a crush on Detective Thorne… He’s dreamy–and I get to see him in the flesh at the City of Heroes convention.

How did you find the return of The Flash?


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