Arrow Episode 10 ‘Left Behind’ Review…


Like the opening of episode 10 of ‘The Flash’ it’s a strong start–but not all back to business. Oliver is gone and Diggle and Roy are fighting crime. Firstly–how cool is Diggle in the Arrow gear?! He needs a costume and if the rumour that Diggle will become Green Lantern is true it will be AWESOME.

However, for me, this episode attempted a lot and didn’t deliver as satisfying a return as ‘The Flash’. Firstly, the Hong Kong scenes–apart from establishing a debt that looked to being repaid, it should have been delivered earlier or taken out of the episode. I know it’s to keep us guessing at how the show is going to get out of the death of its lead, but it just felt tagged on. It wasn’t the only thing a bit off…

I couldn’t really get into the grief of the titular ‘Left Behind’ because there was no doubt in my mind that Oliver had survived and would return. He’s surely an untouchable character. I remember ‘Babylon 5’ in the series 3 finale, Captain Sheridan fell at Z’ha’dum and Garibaldi was taken by the Shadows–that was a cliffhanger as that show had already lost a lead and some supporting characters. ‘Game of Thrones’ is also brutal with the life expectancy of its characters so you never know.

Also, they were doing so much with the episode that there wasn’t enough time to explore the loss other than a few teary brooding moments and I felt like I’ve seen this before for Diggle and Felicity. Felicity quitting? I doubt that too. But kudos to the show if she does as that would mix things up a bit–would she go to The Flash’s STAR labs?

Ideally, I would’ve liked this to be a two-parter with no Hong Kong or Nanda Parbat scenes–taking out all Oliver scenes and just focus on those left behind as it would’ve really emphasised his absence–giving Roy and Laurel more time. Especially Roy as he’s lost his friend and mentor. Having the gang have their grief but soldier on against Brick would’ve been an actual plot.

Now. Brick. I think I missed something–is he bullet proof? Or was he dodging the bullets? Good to have a new villain, but Vinnie Jones? I hate that guy. He’s basically made himself through being a thug, and whether it’s all show he conjures an instant rejection of him and his characters in me. However, I’m hoping he’s going to give the gang the run around and then Arrow will return and kill him and kill him good.

Does Merlyn have a transporter? He walked out one door, turned up in the supposedly difficult to reach Nanda Parbat, then walked back in. I know time passed, and I’m normally the picky one, but my other half and I both laughed at this. Surely Merlyn has minions that could’ve done that?

Now what I did like–Laurel becoming Canary. That was so cool and she looked badass. And she didn’t have buxom boobage going on like her sister did. Much more credible. Oh, and the scene where Merlyn startles Thea and she throws a knife at him, which he catches and they have an exchange something like this: ‘I could’ve killed you!’ ‘No, Thea. But it’s sweet that you think so.’ That was so fun.

All my quibbles aside it was great having Arrow back and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Were you happier than me with this episode? What do you think I didn’t appreciate?


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