The Flash Episode 11 ‘The Sound and the Fury’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionThis week’s episode was entertaining enough. With the introduction of a new villain in Pied Piper–a disgraced protege of Wells’ out for revenge against him–the stakes were high with Piper threatening to expose Wells’ secret, and in turn jeopardizing the team that Wells has surrounded himself with. However, it didn’t really pack the punch it felt like it should have delivered. Perhaps a tighter plot more from Wells’ and Piper’s perspectives as they made their moves to outsmart one another with all the players around them being their pawns would’ve helped it. We didn’t see the final conversation between Wells and Piper, but it would seem that Piper didn’t know as much as we thought, and that Wells is making a confession as a lesser sacrifice to protect his really dastardly secret-squirrel plans.

This week’s WTF moment was brought to me by what looked like the entire police department descending upon Wells’ house in response to–vandalism. Seriously, there were an army of people there. Clearly Central City likes to look after it’s rich folk… Oh, and Wells admitting culpability in the reactor meltdown that nuked the city–maybe we haven’t seen the ramifications of that confession this episode, but surely that’s criminal industrial negligence or something. Shouldn’t Wells go down for that? Although, as it’s in the ‘Arrow’ universe it probably stands him in good stead for election or something. I mean, playing a part in levelling the Glades and the poor people in it worked well for Mrs. Queen, after all 😉

Oh, and they really need to address the morality of the STAR labs prison. Pied Piper smashed some windows, and they put him in prison? No trial or anything, just locked him away, I know they had to because, well, plot– but how long was he going to be in there for? Pied Piper isn’t even a metahuman… Also, have you seen those cells? No bed, no toilet, do they have a hamster tunnel to a shower block or a rec room or something? Who feeds these prisoners? Even if they do a jokey one-liner it really does feel like the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed in those scenes.

The opening coordinated chase through the city was fun, and served as a reminder of how important Wells is to the effectiveness of the STAR labs gang. Piper’s explosive escape was impressive, as was the fight between Piper and Flash on top of the dam. Caitlin should’ve had some time to deal with Wells’ revelation, but perhaps that’s coming, as I’m not sure this episode has dealt with the fall out of his confession. Iris seems to be following the ‘Arrow’ Laurel path, being the one in the dark having to make it on her own. Nice touch having her ask Wells the difficult question it looked like he’d tried to duck.

Pied Piper was a bit of a one-note revenge motivation character, it would’ve been nice for Barry to see how Wells casts people aside when they are of no use to him or challenge his plans, but sometimes a character is just a jerk–unless he’s being a dick (loved that Cisco line). At least Detective West is following his senses. Could be a nice divide coming up.

This episode probably wasn’t helped that this followed a series of strong stories, but I think there was a great episode trying to get out of this one, but it just didn’t quite make it. Despite the picking, still loving this show and it was an entertaining hour of TV and I’m looking forward to seeing where Wells’ and timey-wimey deviousness is going to take us.

What did you think? Did you find more joy in this than I did? What did you think of Pied Piper?


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