Arrow Episode 11 ‘Midnight City’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionWith the Arrow still missing and presumed dead, those left behind realise that the fight isn’t over–and it’s their fight now. Laurel, Roy and Felicity have to act up and take up the responsibility of defending the city against a new villain.

The series continues to juggle the various subsets of characters and plots, but unlike last episode it isn’t about just keeping them in the air but has more of a direction. Considering I used to find Laurel really annoying I’m surprised I’m rooting for her as much as I am. I think her being told she can’t be her sister helped with that–nothing like the rise of an underdog to garner sympathy.

Laurel’s development has had a nice pace to it and her transition feels believable–she’s taking control and trying to do something positive in the wake of losing her two protectors, she’s not the victim anymore, and she’s not trying to be her sister or the Arrow, she’s realised the city needs someone to step in and she’s pushed herself forward to do it. The episode did a lot for her character–Brick’s assault on the Mayor’s office was of particular note, she went from improvised heel attack to dishing out sass and manipulating her captor in an interview room, to failing before the very people she is trying to prove herself to, to being vulnerable before the big bad only to win through. Great stuff!

That attack on the Mayor’s office was a particular highlight, especially as Ray was there also, and the way he put himself between Felicity and harm. I think there’s going to be a love triangle cooking up between Felicity, Ray and Oliver. Nice that both fledgeling heroes in Ray and Laurel fought to defend the mayor and the aldermen together without even knowing it. It was certainly an action packed episode, with even the Hong Kong storyline kept to a minimum but having some smart action scenes in the nightclub escape.

The only thing that seemed a little off was Laurel pretending to her father that she was Sarah, and that her sister was still alive. I know she’s protecting her father, but it seems a little odd and the longer this goes on, the harder it’s going to impact on Laurel and her father. Why can’t people just talk to each other? lol. I have a feeling they are drawing this out for a reason.

The League of Assassins looks like its shaping up to be the big bad for the remainder of the season, with the league closing in on Thea. I wonder if the danger she could be in will unite Merlyn, Arow and the gang into facing off against them? There are certainly enough faces among the league for some nice fight pairings. Looking forward to seeing where this is going.


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