Sentinels of the Multiverse ‘Guise’ Hero Expansion…


This expansion looks like he’s going to be so much fun to play with. I’m not a superhero expert or anything, but Guise seems to be like Deadpool–he has a lot of ego and plenty of sass. With such titles as ‘Best Card Ever!’, ‘Look What I Found!’ with Guise using the category of the card like a plank in smacking a villain about, and ‘Gimmicky Character’ with Guise riding a shark–yup, riding a shark. ‘I Can Do That, Too!’ enables you to use another hero’s power, ‘Lemme See That…’ looks like it enables him to benefit from another hero’s equipment. Also, there’s a few ‘roleplay’ quirks in his play–if you throw your hands in the air and shout ‘woo!’ or high five a player you get to perform bonuses. Normally, I don’t like forced humour like that, but it is quite a fun quirk. In quite a few of the pics Guise comes across as quite a dick and doesn’t take himself seriously–a refreshing change in the hero ranks. He’s rated as a 2 for difficulty, so shouldn’t pose any problems. Looking forward to playing with him.

He came in a clamshell case, which is nice to see as this would make this more stockable in gaming and geek shops than the loose decks of previous single-deck expansions, but it could have done with a regular sized bio card like previous expansions as it would then fit in the base box with the others. As it is I have to store it loose in the box–and I though Greater Than Games had my neat freak tendencies too… Also, it would be great if these decks came with the tear-off strip in the cellophane to make unwrapping less of a pain.

A nice addition. And I have all the other expansions on their way to me… Yeah, I know, but they were reduced, and I’m a sucker for a bargain–and a collection. Can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “Sentinels of the Multiverse ‘Guise’ Hero Expansion…

  1. Besides some hard to find promos, I have everything SotM except for Guise and Wager Master. I’m tempted to get them but I can’t decide if they are joke decks or not.


    • Guise has a lot of humour in him, but I actually like that about him. Makes him really stand out as a character to me. I wasn’t sure about wager master–he looks a little goofy. However, he seems to be a trickster type villain, so he’s quirky. I think he’ll be quite fun to play against. I only need ‘Shattered Timelines’ now–my order wasn’t fulfilled 😦 Have you tried tactics the miniature version?


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