The Flash Episode 12 ‘Crazy For You’ Review…


This week’s episode sees the Flash and STAR labs crew pitched against a woman who can teleport to anywhere in her line of sight. A pretty flat episode, but one that gives Cisco and Caitlin some time–with mixed results…

Cisco is investigating Ronnie and his connection to FIRESTORM and he turns to the captured Pied Piper for help. There are some moments where Cisco shines in the power struggle between him and Pied Piper, and there was an unexpected and pretty awesome fight considering that neither of them come across as fighters, but ultimately Cisco’s loss feels disappointingly inevitable. At least his motives were admirable and his character fares well from the revealed guilt.

Caitlin–didn’t get such a good deal. She’s a character that really needs to develop. She’s had her life turned upside down in losing her fiancé, but I’m just not feeling it. She was a bit of an embarrassment, and now she seems to be making a misguided clutch at love with the first man she’s been around since Ronnie that isn’t part of the furniture for her like Cisco. Atleast she doesn’t have a crush on Dr Wells. Caitlin seems emotionally underdeveloped, and at this point I don’t know whether it’s character or script, but it’s a little tough to feel for.

As for Barry? Well, he pulled. Someone in Iris’s office. Wow. Small city. I hope she suspects Barry’s secret identity and is after getting close to a scoop–that would redeem that contrived coincidence! It could also have a nice interplay with Iris if she finds out her colleague is after the Flash as she also needs building up.

Peekabo was a decent villain of the week even if her motivation left her as a bit of a shallow threat, but the speed and teleport fight between her and the Flash was nicely played out, especially in the tunnel.

This week felt like a bit if a time out to give things time to breathe, but this pudding needed a little more cooking–like this line with its mixed metaphors. Entertaining enough though. Still no villain-prison explanation, and Wells seems to have escaped the fallout from last week’s confession of culpability in the reactor melt down. These really need to be addressed! It looks like Barry’s dad–the man with the whitest teeth ever–has put 2 and 2 together and come up with 42, but coincidentally might have guessed Barry’s secret identity. I like that this show doesn’t want to be bogged down with the secret identity malarkey. It’s refreshing after ‘Arrow’ and it’s multiple secret identities.

A somewhat slow week in a series which I’m sure will hot up again real soon–there’s a lot on the table that I think will be played out this series. What did you think of this week? Are you finding Cisco and Caitlin underwhelming?


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