Reflecting on February 2015…

THE ROOM4A bit of a mixed month. I’ve found out that I’ve escaped the local authority cuts for another year and I get to keep my job. Sadly though, many of my old colleagues in my last department are losing theirs. So, relieved for myself, and upset for my old work pals. I can’t feel comfortable in my post though, knowing that there are inevitably more cuts next year, so I’m trying to curb my spending 😦 and have decided that I’m going to try and self-study for my level 3 accounting this year on top of my level 2. The fun just keeps on coming… A year of watching lots of geek stuff pass me by… Ugh!

My mum, who has a health problem, had been offered a transplant to try and improve things for her. She’d been thinking about it since before Christmas wondering what was the right thing to do as it presented high risks for her, but her consultant has now ruled this out due to her health history. So, relief for her being free of that decision, but also sad that really there isn’t anything they can do for her other than just trying to relieve her symptoms. She has COPD, it’s pretty bad, she gets out of breath walking very short distances or going up a single flight of stairs, but she doesn’t let it get in her way, and people with COPD can have a good run of it, so hopefully her getting worse isn’t something that’s going to happen soon.

As for writing? What’s that? I had a week off the other week and had lots of plans to get to grips with the next story of ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’, but ended up with flu instead. And not man-flu either, it floored me lol. I couldn’t even read, watch TV or eat for the most part. Just slept and felt miserable. Thankfully as I called in sick I get to reclaim my leave. I think ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ is going to have to wait. I know there are some of you, not many, but some, that might be wondering what’s going on with Darkwood and Hobbs, but with all my studies that I’m taking on I doubt I’ll get back into it properly until 2016. Depressing thought, as I’m really missing writing. I am going over ‘The Room’ after my editor’s polish of it and hope to have that on Amazon in March. Which will just be in time for ‘The Pack’ coming back from my editor. So, at least all four of my novels will be back out there in their new shiny state. If you find a typo, do me a favour and don’t tell me–while I’m asking something of you, a kind review would be nice 😉

I think I’m experiencing my January lull now. A bit of a delayed reaction. I’m feeling quite restless at work. I’m trying to not let things p*ss me off as they have been, I’m digging into my counselling training and turning it on myself. My cold gave me the chance to just do nothing, which I rarely do, and maybe that was my body telling me I needed to, and I’ve come back to work intent on not getting caught up on how I think things should be done, and just getting on with it regardless of ‘the system’ and some of the approaches I have to contend with. It’s made it a lot easier. Knowing my job is safe for another year probably helped.

I’m still feeling the need to break out of things though. Sometimes my alarm clock goes off and it feels like ‘Groundhog Day’. Every couple of months I fantasize about doing something totally different–usually running a shop, but it’s just a fantasy as I’ve never worked in retail and retail doesn’t seem the most secure of things to embark upon in this economy. Everyone’s gotta dream, right?

Anyway, I’ve rebooked my leave for March and I’m looking forward to getting ‘The Room’ done. I think it’s my favourite book-child. (Don’t tell the others).

Thankfully I’ve been getting my geek on with ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash and an epic binge watch and newfound appreciation of season 1 of ‘Agents of SHIELD’. With a bit of board gaming thrown in. So, I’m keeping myself happy.

How has your February been? You’ve seen what geek I’ve been up to this month. Anything geek you think I’ve missed that I should give a go?


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