The Flash Episode 13 ‘The Nuclear Man’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn this episode the series gets to grips with the FIRESTORM plot as Barry and the STAR labs gang seek out Caitlin’s hot (in the conventional ‘fit’ and ‘cute’ and the unconventional ‘he’s gonna burn everything down’ sense) fiance. Also Detective West decides to use Cisco’s science, or is that ‘science’, to try and find a new lead in Barry’s mum’s murder…

But, was it any good?

Meh. Kind of. I enjoyed it, for sure, but it was lacking. Most notably in emotional punch. This should’ve been Caitlin’s big moment–a reunion with her beau, the torment of being with his body (not torment in itself I’m sure–what a body) but separated from his personality (eh, I’d make it work), and then the big issue of him possibly going thermonuclear. I just didn’t feel it.

Did I miss something?! I must’ve done, because how come they are talking about two speedsters at Barry’s mum’s death? They’re talking about it like I should know this. I must’ve missed it. So, Barry was there trying to save his mum. This is going to get very timey wimey. Looking forward to seeing how that comes about. Time-travel could mix this show up. Oh, I’m gonna call bs on Cisco’s use of a mirror as a camera. I might’ve accepted one exposure–but several? How’s that work? Because ‘science’ is how it felt like they explained that. I’ll go with it though, I mean, two men merged together into one man and can become a walking fireball whose clothes don’t burn–if I accept that I should really let things go.

That aside, the Barry’s romantic life and premature ejaculation storyline was fun, even if it did damage Iris by making her come across as a little bit of a princess bitch. I’m hopeful that Cisco is going to start getting his doubts about Wells. A bit of suspicion could bring some tension to the comfy STAR labs gang which would amp up the dynamics. The Flash and FIRESTORM chase was cool, and with this and the nuclear explosion at the end the effects were impressive. Also, the return of General Eiling was welcome as it broadens the Flash world a bit more by having another faction after the metahumans. Nice cliffhanger. So, did Ronnie go up in smoke? Will he still be an old man in a young man’s body (I’d really be making use of that by the way)? Will Ronnie’s pecs get their own spin-off series?

I know I’m really picky, but did you notice that the Flash sets need a health and safety visit? Wells needs a better gradient on his ramp, he took one mid line and you could hear the jolt in his voice–I thought he was going to get flipped out of his chair. Also, the CCJitters coffee shop is pretty dangerous–who has high stools and tables next to a low safety barrier on a mezzanine?! Accident. Waiting. To. Happen. Mark my words.

What were your thoughts on this episode?


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