‘The Room’ Available for Pre-Order–Released Friday the 13th…

THE ROOM4My horror title ‘The Room’ will be re-released next Friday (Friday the 13th–what could possibly go wrong?) on Amazon Kindle.

But, what is it about I hear you cry?

After an assault at work, Tom Willis is left with Post Traumatic Stress-Disorder: noises and closed doors arouse debilitating bouts of irrational dread as to what might lie behind them. He is at risk of losing his job and his girlfriend, but when those closest to him start to share his terror of something lurking behind closed doors, he realises it is not only his sanity at risk, but his life and the lives of those around him. To unlock the secret of his fear Tom must revisit a childhood he has done his best to distance himself from. A time when he was an orphan living in a children’s home. In his hometown, with his childhood best friend, and in the basement of their ruined home, he will face a battered and scarred door. To challenge the room that is haunting him, he must confront the past, and ignore the persistent warning in his mind—“Don’t open the door…”

It’s a novel at approx 460 pages–so that’s a lot of words for 0.99p / 0.99c. Yes. It’s a frighteningly good bargain. You could buy that now! Why don’t you? Don’t be scared. It won’t bite–although what’s behind that door will…

Pre-Order Here

2 thoughts on “‘The Room’ Available for Pre-Order–Released Friday the 13th…

  1. Steve, you know how much I loved ‘The Room’, and I will download it again as it’s on Kindle just to re-read it. Oh, and where is the much promised sequel? Faye 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Faye! That’s sweet of you. You have to be my most supportive reader. Next to Rob, of course. The short story prequel is done–and you’re in it as promised. As to when it will surface? I’m not sure. My studies have hit my writing of the next run of Darkwoods. It’ll come though!


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