Arrow Episode 13 ‘Canaries’ Review…


This episode sees Vertigo escape from prison, Laurel fight for her right to be a vigilante, and the league of assassins make a move against the Queen/Merlyn families, oh and some bs flashback–all packed into what was an emotionally charged episode focused on the many relationships in the show. That’s a lot for one installment…

But it’s delivered well. I was pleased to see Vertigo back on the street, Arrow needs some regular villains that aren’t season big-bads. And the escape scene skirmish was nicely played out–go Laurel for that punch. Vertigo might’ve had a short taste of freedom, but he had quite an impact, even if it was to give another character a trippy existential encounter to further their development.

Laurel feels like she’s made the transition from reactionary supporting character who used to make me roll my eyes and say ‘oh Laurel’, as soon as she became tearful, to really rooting for her. Her development also helped Felicity step up in being the supportive tender lead that the Arrow gang needs, and brought an end to the Sarah’s-dead-but-her-dad-doesn’t know plot–in an emotional father-daughter melt down that had real feeling.

It was an episode that took several kicks at the emotions with Arrow coming out of the vigilante closet–to an unexpected reaction. Nice that they didn’t push that for the drama. Plus, Roy and Thea had some heartfelt moments together as a result, and Roy delivered another rejection of Oliver’s approach. With both Felicity and Roy standing up for how they think things should be handled we could have a very different team when things have settled down.

I was a bit disappointed that Thea and Roy did so poorly against the league of assassins though. I know the league are fighting masters, but Thea seemed to be holding her own–just–against Merlyn. I felt both these junior vigilantes could’ve been given a bit more to play with in a good three way. Fight. I meant fight. Still, a decent confrontation nonetheless.

The secrets are being told, but Thea being Sarah’s killer is going to drop at some point. Just how Thea will deal with that–and Merlyn setting her up and Oliver knowing about it… That’s going to be messy.

A solid well juggled episode. Aside from that whaaaaat?! moment in the flashbacks at the close. So, in those 5 years of Hell, Oliver came home?! I think the next road sign is ‘convoluted and contrived plot ahead’…

What did you think of this episode?


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