The Flash Episode 14 ‘Fallout’ Review…


In this episode the STAR labs crew discover that the nuclear explosion wasn’t as nuclear as they had thought–and it’s ended the Ronnie and Dr Stein mash up. But General Eiling is in hot pursuit after the FIRESTORM project…

A good episode this week.

West decided against just telling Barry he had found out that he had discovered that adult Barry had been present when his mother had died, and just thought he’d show him Cisco’s slide show of his mum. You know, moments before she was murdered. Because that’s not too messed up. Bit of a surrogate dad fail…

While I’m on the family, Iris, not content with trying to f*** with Barry’s love life, looks like she’s going to be a problem for the STAR labs crew too. I wonder how serious or detrimental her investigation will become. And as she’s teamed up with a journalist who seems to be the only one circling the idea that Wells’ admission of being culpable in the melt down is a bit, you know, wrong ,Iris may well end up on the dangerous side of Wells if she gets too close to the truth.

But let’s talk heroes. Stone or Ronein or Ronnie-Stein, or FIRESTORM if you’d prefer, is a cool idea. A hero that is two regular humans (well, one is Victor Garber, so he’s awesome because he was Sydney Bristow’s bad-ass dad, and the other one has far from regular gorgeous-genes) but when merged become a human torch hero. Ronnie looked really cool with his ‘science’ splicer gadget on one magnificent pec and his white eyes. The flame effects look great and the voice of Stein in Ronnie was fun–he’s an awesome hero. He must be a cert for the rumoured DC hero team series. Although I wonder if they’ll find a way to separate them, as with Wells set to be out of the STAR labs crew at some point Stein could be a good replacement.

Barry knowing he failed to save his mum offered a different torment for him–is she unsaveable? His realisation that knowing this allows him to focus on bringing the man in yellow down was a nice balancing realisation. He has to be able to save his dad though, surely.

While I think of it–Ronnie had his hair cut last week. Who did that? I mean, he could barely control his thermo nuclear self, but they either thought to take him to a barbers and risk him touching the place, or one of the STAR labs crew has hairstylist on their CV and did it in-house–like that was a priority. Still, I’m not complaining. He had Arrow island hair–which is the worst.

Eiling proved his villain status and was quite a danger–especially with his acupuncture needle grenade. Made worse by Barry’s quick healing making their removal even more painful. Which is why Caitlin should really learn to work and talk. I’d be like ‘jeez, love focus!’. Shame Eiling’s fate ended up with him being a kind of villain of the week. But presumably he’ll be replaced and his organisation will return.

Wells is seen in the yellow suit this week. So, I guess he definitely is the other speedster. As we hadn’t seen him in the costume I had wondered if there was going to be a twist, that perhaps Wells was a time traveler steering events, and perhaps the fate of his girlfriend was tied up in the Flash beating the Speedster. That could’ve been a redeeming motivation for when his ruthlessness is discovered by the others. Buuuuut, I clearly overthought that one…

Oh, and we got our first proper look at Grod the gorilla. He’s huge. Ambitious–but impressively realised. I’m looking forward to a gorilla-Flash face off.

Kudos to the little in-story dig at the metahumans in the basement with Ronnie commenting that fog-man ‘he’s been down there since week 3’.

Good installment. Looking forward to the next.


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