Arrow Episode 15 ‘Nanda Parbat’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn this episode Thea struggles with the guilt of killing Sarah and does her best to get the rejection and death she believes she deserves, and Arrow risks everything to rescue Merlyn from Ra’s al Ghul. For some reason that escapes me. Or if I think about it too hard I frown. As the secrets unravel, I start to question Oliver’s place as the ‘lead’ of team Arrow…

I really enjoy this show. I just want to make that clear, because I’ve noticed my reviews getting a little bit snarky. And that is about to continue. I can’t help it. They seem to walk right into my snarkiness. It’s like this show can’t help itself.

The fight scenes in this were great fun. Merlyn, Thea and Oliver training together, Laurel taking on Merlyn and definitely having the delusions of grandeur Merlyn accused her of, Merlyn versus the league, the Arrow versus Nyssa and the league, then Diggle and Arrow versus the league. I mean, that’s a lot of fighting. Cool. Oh, and I want that bow that is clearly made of the TARDIS the way that it unfolds from nothing. Awesome.

Again, this show didn’t follow the predictable path I expected it to with its secrets. I mean Oliver’s Arrow identity being kept from Thea, and Oliver holding back the truth about who killed Sarah from Thea and Laurel, and Laurel keeping Sarah’s death back from her father, these could’ve easily been used to blow relationships apart, divide the group and set people at each other in team Arrow. But now, the truth is out and… Well, we’ve had angst and guilt and some crying, and Laurel’s father’s gone off, but can he do much without keeling over? Not sure. People actually took things reasonably well. In fact, they’re all understandably grieving Sarah again as a result of the collective sharing.

This non-nuclear fall out from the truth seems to reinforce a thought I had in season 2. When Oliver was on the island doing his five years of Hell bit, he had to choose between who lived between Sarah and Shado. I stick to my guns in that he didn’t really choose, he kind of ran forward in a panic when Sarah was the first person to be threatened, so Shado got shot. He chose not to tell Slade that, so Slade took it that Oliver had decided to sacrifice Slade’s love interest over his. Now, granted, Slade may not have been sporting about it, but I still think Oliver should’ve said something, because it was going to bite him on the bum at some point.

Fast forward 15 episodes… and all the secrets that Arrow has brooded and agonised about keeping secret, well, they’re out, and if anything, they didn’t really need to be kept secret. The league have found out that Merlyn is still alive and accepted it–I mean if you have a Lazarus pit then Merlyn escaping death isn’t hard to believe, and they believe his role in having Sarah killed. Thea accepted Oliver was the Arrow and was pretty chuffed about it really, and Thea accepted that Arrow knew she’d been the one to kille Sarah, and even Laurel accepted that Thea wasn’t really technically actually responsible for Sarah’s death, Thea found out and told the league and they captured Merlyn. In fact they captured him really easily–too easily? Clearly Arrow worries way too much.

Oliver had a board for Queen Consolidated because he knows jack about running a business, and I’m starting to think all decisions he needs to make should be passed through team Arrow. Considering how well Thea, Felicity and Laurel have coped with the revelations Arrow has been trying to protect them from, the women of Arrow need a better platform for voicing their suggestions–and for Arrow to stop treating them like little women that need protecting from everything. In the mid-season finale Merlyn set his trap to force Arrow into taking out Ra’s al Ghul. Well, if this episode’s anything to go by Arrow should’ve told all concerned the truth. Team Arrow could’ve taken down Merlyn, and then given the league a buzz and told them to collect. I know they are making Merlyn out to be really tough now, but Arrow’s taken him out before. Arrow’s plan to go walk into Merlyn’s trap and accept the conditions went and got him killed. That’s a pretty rubbish plan as plans go. Still, it does seem to go in your favor for a pretty decent job offer. Although, it should probably be offered to Felicity who is the brains of the whole thing.

Is Olicity over before it was even a thing? It looks like she’s made her choice. Although, I can’t really blame her. It’s not like she’s settling. Chest. Nice. And Ray has a jetpack. A f***ing jetpack. Much better than a bow and arrow. Fah. Not sure that I would make the maiden test of the ATOM suit from the top of a skyscraper though, but in fairness, he didn’t die, so he clearly knows better than me. He looked pretty cool in that suit. Seeing him fly around was quite jarring for this show though, and I’m guessing he is going to pack a punch. I’m not sure he can stay in this series. Maybe he is going to get his own spin-off or will be part of the team spin-off series that’s being rumored. Will this be the end of Felicity for Arrow? Or is she in for a painful separation? Or will she just date him between spin-offs?

Oh and we had a flashback. I’ll say it again, considering how many fight scenes we had in this episode, how many characters and groupings we have, we really need to lose the flashbacks. Great to see Marc Singer, but enough already. It was especially cruel as it dangled a return-to-Starling-City-and-end-the-5-years-of-hell-wrapped-carrot-too. Evil.

What will Thea’s fate be? What now for Ray Fett and Felicity? What will Arrow decide? Is this the end of Merlyn? Looking forward to the next one.

What are your thoughts on this episode and my take on it?


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