The Flash Episode 15 ‘Out of Time’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn this episode a literal weatherman is out for revenge against Detective West and the police department suffers a casualty. Iris is under threat–and realising how she feels for Barry. Barry’s going so fast he sees himself, and Cisco gets too close to Dr Wells’ secret, and Central City itself is threatened by a disaster, all in a fast paced and tense episode…

Okay, I’m going to get my nitpicky picking out of the way now, because this was a really good episode but I can’t help myself. The morgue silent alarm gets tripped and gorgeous Detective Thawne gets called to go check it out? Unless things work very strangely in Central City, the writers really need to check their police procedure–that’s the work of a beat copper not a detective. And when Cisco delivers the lightning rod weapon to the police, why is it just left out in the open on a table in the lobby like a prized lightsaber on show? I get that it creates a tense moment with it between our villain and West but it just seemed odd.

Phew. Got that out of the way. Wow, what a cool episode. Iris’ double-date ambush really brought her creepy he-loves-me-but-I’m-not-sure-if-I-feel-the-same-so-you-can’t-have-him-until-I’ve-made-my-mind-up motivation really came to the fore and made me dislike her even more. Thankfully, Barry’s squeeze and Iris’ gorgeous fella called her out on that, and with a tsunami threatening to end Central City and her and Barry they were both forced to act on their feelings. That was nicely done, and felt natural and exciting, and while I don’t like her character at the moment, I think being honest and getting with Barry would redeem her for me.

Bringing Mardon, the brother to the weather controlling meta-human from the very first episode, was a nice shortcut for delivering a villain so we get straight down to the menace. The attack on the police station was intense and considering the Captain has barely been a character his life changing injury packed some emotion. Hat off to gay representation. More please. West trying to keep everyone he cares about out of harm’s way and get to Mardon before he can get to him or his family was tense, and built nicely from losing his partner at the opening of the series. I really didn’t see that ambush coming as I’d expected Mardon to turn up at West’s house when Iris and Barry were alone there.

But, man. The most tense storyline of the episode–Cisco having and pursuing his suspicions of Wells. It’s been brewing thanks to Pied Piper’s revelation that Wells knew the risk of the reactor melt down (which no authority seems to care about still), but I thought it would be drawn out a little longer with Wells doing more to draw out his suspicions further. I was not prepared for this to be the episode where Wells reveals his secret, or at least part of his secret, and I really expected Wells to be one step ahead in covering his tracks. When Caitlin is doing her bit in stalling West at the only coffee shop in Central City and turns around and sees his empty wheelchair–man, that was intense. When West appears with Cisco, having just found Wells out, the scene had a palpable and uncomfortable inevitability about it, and Cisco’s fear, his loss of faith in Wells, and his knowing this isn’t going to end well for him was nicely played–and emotional.

As for Wells’ secret? Well, no big revelation as such, we’ve known time-travel has been at play, but we still don’t know why this Reverse-Flash has come back in time, why he intended to kill Barry, but we are given a curious tidbit–he’s related to gorgeous Detective Thawne. I wonder how that’s going to be built up? Will Thawne have to die to prevent Reverse-Flash from existing? It would save Iris having to dump him…

Really good episode–one that felt that it should’ve been a series finale with all the personal lives and the city at stake. I do have a suspicion that with Barry getting all timey-wimey that much of this episode might not have happened. If it doesn’t, and while that is a bit of cheap get-out ploy, I think it still serves the series as we get to know that Barry and Iris could have a future, and just how far Wells is willing to go to further his aims. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

What did you think of this one?


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