Arrow Episode 17 ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ Review…


In this episode Ra’s al Ghul and the league of assassins continue to turn the city against Arrow in an attempt to force him into becoming the next demon–and Ray Palmer pledges to bring him down too, giving the ATOM suit its first fight. Oh, and the Diggles get remarried and honeymoon with the suicide squad…

The Starling City population. What a fickle bunch. People that give Moira Queen–conspirator in the destruction of the Glades–a shot at mayor, but doesn’t like the thought of their criminal class being killed by a vigilante… Arrow must wonder why he bothers.

Which brings me to a point. I know Arrow wants to preserve his reputation, but with a squad of copycats out there cleaning the city up for him it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, and hardly the most dastardly plan to force his hand. Granted, they do change tact somewhat when they shoot the mayor, but knowing Starling City she’s probably dodgy anyway.

So, how does Arrow deal with being framed? Firstly, everyone makes sure that they don’t try and explain what’s going on to detective Lance and try and reason it out. I know he’s not that receptive at the moment, but he does know about the league, they could at least try and explain. Although, the way the plots have become so convoluted recently I wouldn’t blame him if he thought it too unbelievable.

What we get instead is the precarious love triangle of Ray, Felicity and Arrow complicated further by Ray committing to bring Arrow down–and discovering his secret identity. I thought this was going to be the revelation that drove Felicity back to Arrow. Glad to be wrong. Although we do get another example of people just not insisting on explaining things to each other. Sure, Ray is pretty black and white in his thinking, but Felicity could’ve tried to explain and put the Arrow and team Arrow’s work in context for him. Nah. Best to just let Ray stew in what he thinks he knows, and hold off explaining until the angst had been tormented to the point Ray is going to try and take Arrow out…

Ray’s conviction of being against vigilantism married with total lack of insight into what he’s going to become through the ATOM suit was dumbfounding. As was Arrow calling Felicity out on keeping secrets regarding Ray’s superhero aspirations. Er, pot kettle black, love. These characters really need to sit down and think themselves through.

The ATOM suit debut was awesome though. It looked great. Amazing what they can do in TV budgets now. I’m interested to see how they use this in episodes to come–or in his own spin-off if it happens. He certainly packs a punch. Shame Roy got his ass handed to him again. Granted, Arrow did too, but Roy does seem to get thrown down quite a bit. Glad they didn’t drag the Ray against Arrow plot out though and Arrow was able to prove himself. Even if he did walk off leaving an unconscious Roy face down in a puddle. I suppose when you’ve committed to a poignant exit into the night you can’t suddenly come back for your hooded bestie.

This week’s flashback was brought to us by Deadshot. A refreshing change from Oliver’s five years of hell, but an odd choice. It certainly humanised him and his part in supporting the Diggles and caused John Diggle to rethink his assessment of the man, but then it seems like he died. Or did he, as his introduced a mysterious group called HIVE. The flashback was wrapped up in a story that wasn’t really of much interest and seemed to be a self-contained one-shot. If there isn’t some significance in this B study then more time wasted through it not being given to Roy, Laurel or Thea. Come to think of it–where was Thea? At Roy’s? Surely Merlyn isn’t still sleeping on Thea’s sofa?

The cliffhanger was great. Although I do question Maseo’s motives… So, he saves Arrow from the mid season finale but now tries to kill Arrow’s Felicity?

Despite my snarkiness it was an OK episode. I just wish the series would stay in the present and focus on building the crime world Arrow is meant to be pitched against–world building ‘The Flash’ is doing so well.

What did you think of this? Am I being too hard on this show?


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