The Flash Episode 16 ‘Rogue Time’ Review…


In this episode the Flash does his best to undo much of what happened last episode, whilst trying not to undo what happened with Iris–and bring about the temporal karma Wells warns him could be a consequence of his tampering with time. Unknown to Barry, he is possibly saving Cisco’s life in the process and keeping Wells’ secret for a little longer–or is he?

It could be argued that to kill a main supporting character, have the big bad of the series blow his load before the drawing in of the finale, and have the hero get the girl, and a tsunami threaten to destroy Central city, all with time travel thrown in, that it’s obviously going to be a reset and the viewer is going to be cheated by the old and usually unsatisfying ‘it was all a dream!’ Trope.

Well, it was far from predictable and unsatisfying.

With the weather wizard caught and imprisoned in the STAR labs pipeline within the first 10 minutes things quickly went wrong for Cisco with his being captured by Captain Cold and forced to make more weapons. We were introduced to Cisco having a brother who his parents favour over him and is used as leverage against him. There was a sense here that Cisco’s life might have been saved only to be tormented or taken by a different fate. Cisco and Caitlin have been the weakest characters of the show, but his potential loss had real impact. Knowing that we could lose him again still, and finding out a little of his family issues has helped me think more of him and to value him more.

The scene where Wells took Cisco to the room where he died in the alternate timeline being written over created much of the uncertainty–was he about to die again? Was Wells trying to maintain that timeline’s event? It became a scene that showcased Wells deceitfulness. I felt Joffrey levels of loathing in that scene. I’m guessing that Wells knew his own future was changing due to Barry’s actions, and I’m sure his pep talk to Cisco, as false as we know it to be, was there to snuff out any suspicion Cisco might have in this time, but it also felt like a test of Cisco in whether the mistrust had already begun for him–a tense scene to watch.

It was good having Cold back, and with a crew too. The Flash having reoccurring villains to draw on so soon into its run says a lot about how well this show has established itself. In a way it’s hard to believe we’re only part way through the first season. For me, the show found its feet in the first few episodes and has been running pretty well straight off the starting line.

With all the reworking of time though, there had to be a cost, and it was Barry’s love life. Confident he’s on the cusp of getting the girl he backs out of his relationship to clear the decks for Iris… Only to find that she needs a tsunami to find her feelings for him–and maybe for Barry to be in leather. Not only is Barry firmly back into the friend zone, Iris is back to being a bit of a bitch as she runs to Eddie and tells him about Barry’s misreading their relationship and he punches Barry back into the friend zone. What a bitch. There’s a sense she’s enjoying playing with both Barry and Eddie’s affections, which makes her come off as quite immature.

Also, Barry’s reporter love interest–wow, she’s a bit intense. Only just started seeing each other and she wants Barry to ache for her. That was at least a lucky escape for Barry. Wow. High maintenance much.

A solid installment that reset the last episode, but did it without giving us relief until Cisco got out of that room with Wells–and proved that time can’t be undone with suspicion of Wells having now fallen to Barry…

A good episode. What did you think?


What do you think?

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