Insidious 3 Trailer…

I forgot to post about this… This snuck up on me the other day. And FREAKED ME OUT. I’ve loved the last two movies and can’t wait for this. I know there are some haters for these movies, but plenty of people liked that BS ‘horror’ movie ‘The Babadook’ which I found to be an excruciatingly dull and nonsensical experience. So, haters can hate, but I love these films. ‘Insidious’ gets under my skin like ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘Ghostwatch’ did for me as a kid. I like my horror to be supernatural and you can’t get much more supernatural than these movies. Check this trailer out.

It looks like they are taking this installment in a different direction to the one they pitched at the end of Insidious 2, but with **spoiler** Elise being dead they may have written themselves into a corner, although she was dead for Insidious 2 and that didn’t get in the way of her being a big part of it. So, we’re getting a prequel, and yeah, I know I voice strong opinions against prequels, but although we know our supernatural investigating trio will be safe(ish) all bets are off for those around them. The big bad of this movie, only glimpsed, looks pretty scary too. I think, with another visit to the further, these films could easily become formulaic, some might argue that only two films in they already are, but they’ve been pretty clever so far in entwining the first two movies together, so I’m hopeful they will be able to offer enough variation to avoid it feeling like a retread.

What do you think? Whet your appetite? Wet your pants?


What do you think?

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