Arrow Episode 18 ‘Public Enemy’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn this week’s episode we have Ray in hospital facing death, braindamage, Felicity’s mother, and the friendzone, and team Arrow on the run thanks to Ra’s al Ghul framing the Arrow for the murder of the mayor. We also have a BS flashback which gives us the massive coincidence of 5-years-of-hell-Oliver leaving a dead Shado on the Island, and then running into her twin sister in Hong Kong. Yes. Really. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Oh. Someone did. And they gave us that. But, I’m letting that go, because this week’s installment was a step-up in quality IMO and a pretty enjoyable episode…

I’ll get the ‘B’ story out the way first. Ray took an arrow for Felicity. And Felicity… Well, she friendzoned him. I’m pretty sure he knows it too. He might’ve been a bit quick with the declaration of love, but he had just escaped brain damage and/or death, so fair-dos. I was actually disappointed Felicity has found that she loves another… As it’s Arrow, and I have a sneaky suspicion the writers won’t let Arrow and Felicity be happy together. Not if there’s a chance for any angst for Arrow. It’s a shame because I think she’s committed herself to having her heartbroken. If Ray is friendzoned and Arrow gets the girl–where does that leave Ray’s story? Will this mark his departure?

It was the ‘A’ story that had me though. Arrow’s secret is out. The city knows his identity. There was a real sense that Arrow was on the run in this, that this is a game changer for him and the show. Will Arrow have to continue his vigilante ways with a new lair and with the city against him? Or will the people of Starling City just try and make him mayor instead? The bonus is that he can drop the voice mod, maybe lose the hood and eye mask too. I’m a little puzzled how Ra’s al Ghul is getting what he wants here though. Arrow is massively stubborn. Surely there’s the risk he would take prison over being the demon? Then what will Ra’s do?

Seeing team Arrow on the run as they were I was also worried for Laurel and Roy… Laurel has had a better run of episodes this season, but Roy, well, he’s just there to get beaten on and not have much to do. It was looking desperate for him in the chase, and I really thought there might have been a shock death in this that would make a reconciliation between Arrow and Lance impossible. I was relieved that they made it out. Yet, I’m thrown by his apparent self-sacrifice. Who is going to believe that Roy is the Arrow? Surely, anyone could just do that in an ‘I’m Brian, and so’s my wife’ gesture.

In the montage of people watching Arrow’s identity revealed, there was a brief moment of Merlyn lurking at the sofa of uncertainty we saw him written-off to after his rescue from Nanda Parbat. I can’t help think he is going to have a play in resolving this.

All in all, a good episode, and, certainly with some trepidation on how Arrow is going to be written out of this situation, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

What did you think?


What do you think?

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