Arrow Episode 19 ‘Broken Arrow’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

In this episode Arrow is saved by Roy offering himself up as the real Arrow, a metahuman comes to Starling city–and Arrow struggles with having to rely on team Arrow to save Roy and the city, in an episode that potentially has huge repercussions for Arrow and the show. Which my Google feed ruined for me with two spoilerpocalypse headlines. So, thanks for that, Google. There are big spoilers in this post. But, after my Arrow bashing this season, did I like it?

Yeah! Course. I struggled with Roy giving himself over as the Arrow and Oliver being released so quickly. But as Lance’s only evidence was some band of mad blokes dressed in mediaeval gear abducting him, and just telling him Oliver is the Arrow–OK, he had his prejudices against Arrow–so his case falling apart with Roy’s act made more sense. Although team Arrow did an skating job of cleaning allthe fingerprints but Roy’s from the Arrow lair…

Arrow’s struggle with being powerless was well done, especially with the tension between Diggle and Arrow, but it does highlight how hot-headed Arrow is, and really how much he needs team Arrow to keep him going (alive). It was great having him have the team-up with Ray. It gave Arrow some rare laughs. His comment on whether Felicity and Ray were related and whether Felicity worried about him in the field as much as she did about Ray was fun.

This episode also gave Ray the chance to shine. I loved his little-boy-with-a-toy approach to crime fighting–quite refreshing pitched against broody old Arrow. Ray’s taking a pasting also reassured me that he’s not going to be some seemingly invincible Iron Man in whatever future he has. He really needs to rethink his visor though. Having Arrow in the pilot seat of Ray was a nice take on a team up too.

Ray wasn’t in the friendzone with Felicity I thought he was in. It’s worse, he’s in some limbo place where his feelings are out and Felicity’s just letting them hang there while she dithers over where her feelings truly are–even though it’s clear, and has become clear for Ray too.

The metahuman in Arrow was also a good changeup–and great seeing Ray at the pipeline with Cisco. So glad they acknowledged the glossing over of how they’re taking care of their captives–and that it was a tongue in cheek self-dig. I think Ray would really fit in in Central City–replacement for Wells? As long as he doesn’t find out about Felicity and Barry… *awkward*

As for Roy in prison? Wow. That’s fan fiction writing itself. Although he proved that he would not be the pretty boy favour for any frustrated inmates. Why couldn’t Roy fight that well when he was out on the streets? He fights better in handcuffs than he has with weapons. Shockingly though–Roy could only delay his penetration fate. Thanks to Google I telling me Roy was going to die, I was robbed of the shock value. But Arrow’s grief… I complain of Arrow’s angst but Amel can do the emotions. Ironic that Arrow, the lord of lies was lied to. Nicely played, and at least Google didn’t spoil that for me–but Roy’s gone. He was so underused this season, it really took away from his leaving as his character was so underserved. The interplay between him and Arrow couldn’t been so much more. I’m hoping what happened next week bring him back…

The confrontation between Thea and Ra’s…

It was nicely played. Full of menace, and Thea managed to have some decent moves. But… That was harsh. I’m pretty sure that was a sword through the chest. Like the whole sword. Will she just survive through willpower like her brother? They seem to commute to Nanda Parbat easily enough–could the Lazarus pit save her? How will tricky Merlyn take this? (it was not the best time for him to leave the sofa he’s been relegated to).

This was a nice episode of two strong halves. So good I won’t go on about the flash backs. Just what direction will the series go in now? Surely Oliver has to give inHas being the demon? Has his character been damaged by his refusal to give up on the Arrow? Roy and Thea gone, Diggle could possibly be leaving, and Ray might be going too. Big refresh for season 4? It almost feels like a series unwinding itself for its final ever episodes–but this is carrying on. Will it be a game changer with Arrow as the new demon? If so, they better make it worthwhile as the whole season would’ve been about setting it up. After what has been an often clumsy and contrived season to get to this point, a quick reset in the first handful of episodes of season 4 would be unsatisfying. After all, Arrow is now a killer in the eyes of Starling city–can Arrow be a hero to the city again? Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


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