Arrow Episode 20 ‘The Fallen’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionAfter the shock ending of last week’s episode Thea’s fate is decided… Ish. Because where there’s a death, there’s a Lazarus pit, and where there’s a Lazarus pit there’s leverage for Ra’s al Ghul. This is the episode we knew was coming from recent events–where Oliver has to give up the Arrow, Starling City and everyone he broodily loves and gets angsty about… and become Ra’s al Ghul head of the league of assassins. Dramabanana.

I’ve bashed this season pretty badly this year. But, thankfully the peak from the last episode was maintained with this installment. They really teased out Thea’s fate in her hospital scenes. Just how Oliver let Merlyn have his uglycry grief is beyond me. Considering how hotheaded he is he’s been remarkably restrained with the man that is ultimately responsible for the utter sh*tstorm that’s descended upon Oliver, leaving Sarah dead, Roy on the run, Thea almost dead, and Oliver cornered into having to give up his life to become Ra’s al Ghul. I mean, Oliver broke Thea’s dealers neck for selling her drugs. Yeah, I know this was before he became moral-Mary, but come on. Merlyn deserves a good neck twisting. But noooope.

It wasn’t just an emotional ride dye to Thea. After basking in the joy of Ray and Felicity’s geek love in ‘The Flash’–they broke up in this Arrow episode. Okay, they were on holiday in Central city and with people, so you put up a front, I can accept that, but wow, this was a u-turn I was not expecting and was really disappointed at. Felicity deserves better than Arrow, because he’s surely going to angst his way through their relationship and then she’ll either die, or he’ll have to give her up to save her or something, because I seriously doubt this show will allow Arrow to have happy. I hope I’m wrong.

It was good for Felicity to have her get her man, and despite my pessimism I do want Olicity to happen, and I liked that she was the one to take action against Ra’s and Oliver… If only she’d thought it through a teeny bit more than just drugging him. Oh, well, it was one of those it-was-the-thought-that-counts-moments.

Thea has been made un-dead. In what was a bizarre fantasy ceremony. It’s not enough to dunk and deliver–nope. There’s a whole ceremony that goes with it. I always find things like that kind of funny, I mean is the magic water not going to work without the chanting and ceremony that goes with it? Her return was pretty impressive and scary. Wow, she can jump. No Ursula Andres rise from the water for her, she went full on exorcist crazy lady. Is she going to be the Thea she once was, or is she going to be something darker–maybe season 4’s big bad?

So, Oliver is now Al Sah-him… I would really like this to be a change that has an impact well into season 4… It has to be undone, I know, but I have the feeling it’s going to be undone in 3 episodes time in the finale. If the journey to that is enjoyable, then great, but otherwise I’m not sure it was worth the season set-up this plot has had. They’ve managed to get Laurel’s rise as Canary in, sure, but what’s the point in creating side-heroes if they aren’t going to get stories when they’ve put on the eye-mask, like poor little Roy? And Diggle, who has been kind of relegated to the sidelines for a few episodes.

Still, I’m looking forward to next weeks’ episode to see where this leaves Oliver. But before I go, what the Hell is going on with Merlyn. I’ve already pointed out how Oliver has been restrained in his dealing with him this season, but we were left with Merlyn basically saying to Thea, well, after all that it worked out for him as he’s free and all, and we have Thea not sticking something pointy in him. Some people at work p*ss me off and I don’t want them to ever cast a shadow upon my desk again, I don’t know how these people can be so restrained… Maybe I have issues.

A good episode which will hopefully be followed by another… Bring it.


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