The Flash Episode 18 ‘All Star Team-Up’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionThis week–killer bees are at work in Central City and prove to be too much for the Flash to handle alone. Thankfully, Felicity and Ray have swung by for a visit with the ATOM suit. So we get some bonus superhero action from an episode that gives us another soft launch of ATOM, some climax building for ‘The Flash’, and turning up the camp pretty close to 11 with it’s villain the Bee Bandit… Thanks for the name, Ray…

This episode was so much fun. I had a big grin on my face pretty much the whole way through (until Iris had her last scene… I’ll get to that little lady in a bit…). Firstly, I’ll get to what a lot of people could have an issue with–the Bee Bandit. Okay, she was cheesy. They may have overdone the look of the Bee Bandit, with her bug-eye style glasses and her honeycomb patterned outfit, as it was very close to being what you could expect from the 60s Batman TV show–but with so much happening the episode it didn’t really give you time to linger on such things. She was a fun villain of the week that doesn’t need overthinking. Simple-as that. Plus, the episode had so much else to offer.

Nearly all of it was F.U.N. It was great seeing Barry, Thorne, and West using the Flash’s abilities to go on a crime-busting fest across the city–and loving it. Super powers should be fun after all. The banter between Thorne and West was pretty good too, with the ‘we haven’t had sex for three weeks’ line which made me lol for real. Ray and Felicity dropping by was good for both of them–and for Barry as it enabled the show to reflect on Barry’s paranoia at just who he can trust at STAR labs now that he knows Wells is his mother’s killer.

We got another impressive show of what the ATOM suit can do, and again, it’s not going to be the super weapon suit it could easily be that makes Ray’s work too easy. Felicity and Ray got to shrug off the angst of ‘Arrow’ and be their geeky awkward selves. I really like Ray. He’s so much fun, and it was nice having Ray and Felicity together as a couple without any apparent complications (until Arrow that is. Damn you Arrow). They’re good together. Which is way more than can be said for Thorne and Iris…

Iris is still walking around Central City wondering why the world doesn’t revolve around her. Yeah, she’s in the dark about the Flash–the only one that doesn’t know Barry’s secret side–but she’s not exactly being honest with Thorne. She’s not just after Flash for the story, is she? Come on, she wants in his burgundy leather pants and we all know it. Not exactly Mrs. Emotionally-holier-than-thou as she would like to have everyone believe. Barry did a great job of appealing to Iris’ decency in getting her to think about why Thorne might be keeping his work away from her–because it’s harrowing stuff that he probably needs to switch off from at home. But, nooooope, he didn’t appreciate that she has no decency, she has no consideration for others. It’s all about her. I couldn’t believe it when she delivered the ultimatum to Thorne. What a bitch. The actress must read her scripts and be like ‘come on, guys, do I have to get Iris to do that?’. Iris is worse than Laurel in seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow, and that’s saying something. The two women of ‘The Flash’ aren’t served very well really.

I thought the internal defib in the Flash’s costume was bit questionable–and had the potential to make Barry very vulnerable against West in the future. Lucky that thing broke after it’s one and only use, wasn’t it? 60’s Batman shark repellent anyone? It was a pretty funny contrivance though.

The big thing for me is what’s happening with Cisco. The alternative time line seems to be bleeding through. Will it be doing that for other people? Will Iris realise Barry’s the Flash and that she has the hots for her pet bestie? Will Wells question Cisco’s loyalty and see him as a threat? When Cisco took a bee for Ray (what a cool line that was too), I thought this is it, time’s resetting itself like some horrible Final Destination curse. His death has made me realise how much I like Cisco, I hope he isn’t doomed. That pre-end credit flash of the Reverse Flash’s face was awesomely menacing…

A consistently fun episode right up until those final moments when it set up the darkness that’s surely to come. For the people that don’t like this one, they’ll look back on it for comfort with the impending finale. I have a feeling it’s going to be epic and tragic. Epicly tragic. Can’t wait.


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