The Flash Episode 19 ‘Who is Harrison Wells?’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn this episode the Flash and his crew are pitched against a shape-shifting metahuman–a foe that helps them realise that the man they know as Dr. Wells not only has a secret agenda, but is not even the man they know at all…

The metahuman was a decent threat and another nice metahuman of the week. Quickly throwing one of the shows innocents into danger with Thorn framed for murder. It gave us some fun too–with Caitlin getting some fake-Barry action, and an opportunity to see Iris get beat on. That felt soooo good. I could watch 45 minutes of that. I did wonder if the shape-shifter was going to offer more of a threat to the team by outing their knowledge of Wells, but this episode had enough Wells intrigue going on.

Cisco and West went on a day trip to Starling city to investigate Wells and we get a nice play off between Laurel and Cisco with his fan-girling after her. And once again, ‘The Flash’ gives another set of Arrow characters the chance to play happy. Can everyone from ‘Arrow’ take a holiday to Central city and just have some fun? Nice to also see the sonic weapons of the canary make a comeback and have the Cisco and STAR labs connection to the tech.

Caitlin finally had her moment to shine in this episode, she actually felt like a believable character for me as she related how the revelation is so much more difficult for her to accept. Yes, I could easily roll my eyes at the stupidity of her setting out to confront Wells, and thankfully she was saved from that mistake, but it just went to show how difficult this is for her to believe, how deceptive Wells has been to those who consider themselves close to him.

This episode doesn’t leave any ambiguity about Wells for the STAR labs crew. Everyone is onboard the Wells-is-bad-bus now, and have found the smoking gun of his secret room and yellow costume. Time is a ticking on the time-bomb that is the impending confrontation with Wells… Oh, and don’t forget a certain gorilla…

A good episode, and another tickle in the prick tease build-up to the finale. Good stuff!


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