The Flash Episode 20 ‘The Trap’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion‘It’s a trap!’ Sorry. Had to do that. This episode finds the STAR labs crew dealing with undeniable proof that Wells is the Reverse-Flash–but Barry isn’t ready to tip his hand yet, he’s set on getting a confession from Wells that he can use to free his father from prison. But, this is an episode of a trap within a trap…

The episode had tense start, with Barry, Cisco and Caitlin  Wells’ secret lair and with Wells rolling back into STAR labs. It also threw up some tantalising tastes of future-Barry’s life–a life where it seems like he gets everything he wants… A future where–hopefully–Iris stops being a bitch and becomes Mrs. Barry. Although, maybe she doesn’t change that much–her marital name was hyphenated. It was tense stop-talking-and-get-out-of-there scene, but I thought that Gideon would be the one to rat them out. It was interesting that Gideon is ‘loyal’ to Barry. I wonder if it’ll replace Wells as a regular support brain? Clearly Barry achieves a lot in the future.

With Wells confirmed as the bad guy I wanted them to make their move, but Barry had his own agenda with his need of a confession. It was a nice way of measuring their response to Wells as a villain and creating the potential for more risk, and some more tension with Cisco as bait tempting the fate of his undone time-line death. I’m not even sure if that last bit made any sense… Of course, with this not being the finale the trap they devise does not go as planned. Although with Joe letting the bullets fly this could have been a much more tragic moment for Barry and his father. Makes me wonder how Joe and Barry would’ve come back from that one.

Their trap was ultimately futile, and Wells tripped his own trap in a nice table-turn. He’s now the out and out villain and he’s been one step ahead of them all along–and has cute Eddie as a hostage. He better not harm a hair on that cute head. I must admit I had a bit of a thrill when Iris realised Barry was the Flash. Let’s see how she can make that all about her… So, as much as I’ve hated on Iris I’m clearly invested in ‘Barris’ (?!). Despite the tensions there was some fun, especially with poor Eddie asking Joe for his permission to marry Iris. This was a really good episode and I can’t wait for the next one.


What do you think?

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