The Flash Episode 21 ‘Grodd Lives!’ Review…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Invasion

In this episode the Flash thwarts a gold heist and confronts the Rainbow Raider. Yes, really. And gets more than he’s bargained for with a psychic attack and a shock Scooby Doo mask whip off to reveal that the Rainbow Raider was someone we’re familiar with. Which was, you know, unexpected. Even more unexpected was that he was under the mind control of Grodd. Yes, that very large gorilla that has lurked in the shadows this season. Well, he’s about to come out of the dark and he is awesome. The Flash is pitted against Wells’ champion–or is Grodd just a distraction?

This episode saw Iris walk into STAR  labs–seriously, this place needs some security, it’s like an open house–and confronts Barry about being the Flash. Of course, in true Iris form, she makes Barry’s secret superhero side all about her. However, she actually earned my sympathy this week. It has been tough having her pretty much the only one in the dark about the Flash. Her forwardness is now part of her wanting to emerge from the protection of the men around her and who can criticise that? Especially when everyone has been lying to her for a year… Maybe the biatch moment with Barry’s flirtation with a girlfriend other than Iris can’t be excused, but I warmed to her a little anyhow. I’m fully expecting she’ll ruin it very soon though.

Grodd’s mind control was a surprise, and I didn’t appreciate that was Grodd’s signature ability. Grodd has been teased through several episodes with enough space in between for me to forget him. There was no overlooking him in this episode. Not only did he look great on the screen (it’s amazing what they can do on the box these days) he was formidable too, making short work of the Flash’s turbo charged attack. The actor behind Joe West deserves an applaud for simply just going for it with terror. He was a snivelling mess–and quite right too. There was a time, not too long ago, that this would have been Iris as the victim needing rescue. It’s nice to see a male character vulnerable and being truly fearful–which realistically you would be when confronted with a monster like that. I think his reaction helped sell Grodd’s fearsomeness–although the pasting he gave The Flash did that. The fight was a thrill. I only hope this was just a skirmish before Grodd returns for the a fight in the finale.

As for poor sexy Eddie in the clutches of Wells? He wasn’t as hidden as we had thought, but with Wells selling Eddie on his barely making an impression on the timeline I’m worried for Eddie. Is he going to make it out of this? Is he going to make it out as Eddie? Or will Eobard be able to to do his Freaky Friday body swap? Eddie’s ‘family’ connection worries me… And it looks like Wells’ plan is nearing its end whatever that is, it’s meant to need Barry. So it’s not going to be good…

Can’t wait for more!


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