My First Cosplay Convention Costume: 80s ‘V’ Shocktrooper. #4 Blue Peter Holster…

With most of the costume done I needed a holster for my gun. The originals were a vacuum formed black plastic rest. To buy one it would cost a £100. Not including postage. So, that wasn’t going to happen. I decided I would make it.

Sometimes I laugh at my own ‘I can do that’ attitude, as I never learn from all those moments when I realise ‘I can’t do that’…

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get a screen accurate holster, but I couldn’t really see how it would hold the gun in place if I say down or someone cheeky could swipe it as it wasn’t secured, so I thought at least I could make a holster that would keep my geek merch safe.

I made it out of card wrapped in vinyl in case the British weather does what it does best and rains on me dressed up. I used so much glue it’s probably a glue holster. I did have plenty of those satisfying pulling-glue-off-my-hands-like-it’s-skin moments though, which were very apt. I then wrapped it in the black PU fabric I bought for the overlay and cuffs. I also lined it with felt so my gun wouldn’t get scratched and added some black elastic to hold the gun snugly in place.

It actually came out okay. Smug face. The costume is complete!


What do you think?

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