My First Cosplay Convention Costume: 80s ‘V’ Shocktrooper.

My costume is finally pieced together and all finished.

Things I have found from this project:

1. Costuming is a new level of geek. And I thought I’d already reached the heights (and lows) of geek.

2. Some people spend a lot of money on their costumes. If I’d bought this all from vendors I’d be looking at about a £700 of costume–more because of import tax.

3. Riding boots are really comfy and strangely awesome to wear… I think I could conquer the world in them.

4. Boiler suits have openings next to the hip pockets that need to be sewn up unless you want to flash a bit of thigh…

5. Gloves are totally impractical for an alien soldier. Can’t even get my finger on the trigger of my gun.

6. Helmets. See point 4.

7. This costume is essentially sealed at every opening. I’m probably going to boil alive.


What do you think?

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