The Flash Episode 22 ‘Rogue Air’…

DOCTOR WHO Christmas InvasionIn the penultimate episode of the season the STAR labs gang realise that hot Eddie has been under their noses the whole time he was missing–and discover that the particle accelerator has a future thingamabob attached to it that’s going to activate it and enable Wells to get home. Vaporising the metahumans illegally held down there in the process… Thankfully the STAR labs crew, whilst not above a bit of no trial imprisonment and indeterminate sentencing, have more morals than I have, and Barry allies himself with an old enemy to save them…

Not quite what I expected from the near finale episode after the showdown with Grodd last week and things hotting up with Wells in the last few episodes, but we don’t want our show to be formulaic and I wasn’t disappointed. For me though, I would’ve preferred the main plot point to have featured a little earlier in the season as it would’ve cleared up some of the nagging questions around the practicalities and legalities of operating a secret metahuman prison. Especially in a science facility that can’t have any doors on it, or at least, it can’t have doors with locks on them judging by the way everyone just strolls in and finds their way directly to the main lab… This episode we found that they feed them with take-out from Big Belly Burgers and that they are at least questioning the morality of what they are doing–especially Joe in his position as detective.

This episode was somewhat of a breather to take in what’s been happening recently. Especially for hot Eddie, who is, not surprisingly, questioning what future he actually has ahead of him. Poor hot Eddie. Although… escaping Iris… Oh, yeah, I’m trying to like her now, so I shouldn’t do that. Also, Barry’s naivete gets another bashing this episode as he trusts Captain Cold to help them get the metahumans out of the city for Arrow’s own illegal private prison island. I must admit, considering his place as rogue-hero in the upcoming ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, his actions this episode were surprising.

This was not a filler episode though–a lot happened. Not only did we have some nice action with the breakout of Peek-a-Boo beating on poor Caitlyn, and then the break-out out of the metahumans, but we had another crossover. Yay! Although it did feel a little tagged on. I don’t mind Arrow and Ronnie (does he have a superhero name? He needs a superhero name…) walking in and walking off again, but the crossovers have been so much fun it was a shame we didn’t get a whole episode of them being in Central City. And this was the episode where the Flash and Reverse Flash took each other on. Which was a surprise in of itself as I would’ve expected that to have been held off. With the particle accelerator counting down to the completion of Wells’ plan and The Flash having to stop him this felt like finale material–makes me wonder what they have saved up for the next episode… The last one 😦


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