Reflecting on May 2015… Uphill Struggle…

May has been a bit of a tough one. Studying woes, VAT panic, and I slid down a snake money-wise… But I have done some writing… Ish. How could you not want to read more about my May?!

My AAT course is getting near the end and I’ve not been enjoying it (although if I was getting my kicks from an accountancy course, I guess I should be worried…). The work has been fine, but me and college are not a good fit at the moment. I’ve found I’m a sit-down-and-take-my-time-to-study-my-way kind of guy and I’m not getting on with the way the classes are taught. Also, I’m working full time, going to college from work two nights a week, and then putting some studying in a day at the weekend. It’s become hard going. Whine. Bitch. Whinge. Sorry about this. I promise not to cry on your shoulder. Although a hug would be quite nice about now… I’m also missing writing, but I can’t do it with my focus divided like that. But, hey. Only 4 more weeks at college. Woohoo! I’m going to take a month (maybe two) out to write, and then I’m going to self-study level 3 from home.

May also presented me with a bit of drama around my writing as a business which I want to share… As some of you may know, on January the 1st 2015 there were some changes in Europe around how ‘local’ VAT is handled by Amazon–that is VAT is now applied at the country of purchase according to that country’s VAT rate. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t have to do anything as Amazon dealt with the VAT. However, sitting there on my AAT accountancy course I learnt that unlike Income Tax, which is payable yearly (at the moment), VAT is payable quarterly. A nagging doubt crept in upon me… Was I meant to be working out my own VAT and submitting a VAT return? If so, then I hadn’t submitted a VAT return and another would soon be due… Because my brain actively looks for things that have/could go wrong. Clearly. I thought, I know–I’ll look on the Internet. That will reasure me. Which I will never say ever again. I found lots of writers figuratively running around the forums like Fraggles panicking and registering for VAT and battling their way through VAT returns… Oh sh*t, I thought. I better get on this. Thankfully my own panic was short-lived and I came across two really good blog articles I want to share with. One about Income Tax here and one about VAT here. Two lovely ladies who took the time to share their knowledge–which I’m very grateful for. I’m also grateful that I’m not in arrears with VAT, what with planning a back-up career in accountancy and all… :/

Oh, and last year our building needed a lot of maintenance. £5000 worth of maintenance (that was our share of it). That was very unwelcome. And equally just as unwelcome was the news yesterday that there might be another £2000 worth of maintenance work this year. I have been trying to save what seems to have become a mythical savings target to buffer me against potential redundancy which looms almost yearly thanks to the austerity measures in the UK. I was getting to the halfway point in my savings target, it looked like I was going to make it by the end of the year… Nope. Me and savings–it’s like a game of snakes and ladders. So unbelievably fed up right now. I just keep reminding myself that we’re fortunate enough to have the money to be able to pay meet the bill when it does drop on the mat. One day I will have met my savings goal. Just not any day in 2015… Ugh. It’s too soon to even joke about it.

Ending on a somewhat more positive note… Writing… Well, despite my opening woes of not having much time, I have done a little writing. I’ve been working on my self-help book (which I’m starting to think I need to read for my own benefit) and I’ve gone through the first draft. I’ve made some changes and plan to make some more. It’s coming along nicely. The good thing about this project is it was kind of all there already from the work I used to do in therapy, so I’ve just been making it hang together a bit better and doing lots of examples and some diagrams and stuff like that. I need to have a good read through and then get some non-therapy people to read it and make sure it’s understandable to the uninitiated. My Rob will be the first guinea pig I expect. As ever.

Anyhoo, aside from some geeking off and some cake eating that’s pretty much been my May.

So… Please, buy thousands of my titles, or really, just make me an indecent proposal (I think anything goes at this point), and maybe June will be a little brighter.

I will try and learn from our cats. This is Dean cat (aka Ginger Beast) half-falling off the sofa, and half not caring. I could learn a lot from his wisdom.


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