Thoughty2 a You Tube fount of facts and weirdness….

Weird knowledge. There was a time you’d have to dust down some books in some long forgotten corner of a library or summon some great Elder thing to discover any trace of something of peculiar intrigue. Not anymore. Next to the cat videos, the fan-fiction and the porn, is weirdness. You don’t have to look to far to find it. Any weirdo with fingers and an Internet connection can share their brand of madness or facts that defy explanation and beggar belief. What a great place it is. Without much time to commit to reading or writing I’ve had to rely on the weird diversions of what the Internet can offer–and the You Tube channel Thoughty2 was a great find.

This You Tuber creates short fast-paced videos that dump random facts into your head which range from odd to mind-blowing in quick succession. He has some great videos about life, the universe and everything, but it’s the weird ones that have stoked the imagination for me. Thoughty2 offers some weirdness that has seen some heavy exposure, and some that have been debunked or explained away, but there are also some little gems in his videos that I’d never heard of and have started the cogs turning in my head as I develop new story ideas for ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ and horror in general.

Check out this Thoughty2 video on conspiracy theories that ‘turned out to be true’. Yes. ‘True’. Okay, I’m afraid I’ve gotten a bot cynical in my old age and don’t believe much of anything, so the air quotes are a knee-jerk reaction…

And this one on conspiracy theories that might be true. The Denver airport one was intriguing…

And this one on mysterious disappearances…

I’m always appreciative and thankful for the time and effort people like Thoughty2 give up in offering their entertainment up to the world to enjoy, and also in awe of creative people who throw their all into what they do–this is his job. His videos are well worth a watch if you want your world shaken up a little–whether that be by facts or weirdness.

Have you got any You Tube weird recommendations?


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