Star Wars VII & Ash vs The Evil Dead Promos… It’s A Geekfest WKND!

Coming back from enjoying myself at Hyper Japan and reconnecting with the Internet I found that a 3 minute Star Wars VII montage of footage and behind the scenes footage has made the hyperspace jump for Comic Con to the Interweb, and a promo for ‘Ash vs the Evil Dead’ TV series has arisen…

The Star Wars promo was… well, how shall I put it…


I really want me a go on that Millennium Falcon cockpit rig. I’ve been trying to avoid reading and seeing too much about this, but this on top of the trailers just has me so ramped up for this movie. All those practical sets, creatures and effects! Star Wars gets real again. And seeing Leia on set in costume. It was like a three-minute love letter. The prequels had their merits, with ‘Revenge of the Sith’ being pretty much what I wanted, but it’s so easy to forget they even existed seeing how much care is being given to the future direction of Star Wars. So. EXCITED. There were just too many feels from that segment.

And then… In a genre far removed… ‘Ash vs The Evil Dead’. I’d not even checked out anything related to this. It struck me as too good to be true, and after the remake movie being stripped of comedy and the gore just delivered to disgust, I wasn’t holding out much hope. Then the promo dropped. It looks like this is just what I want it to be–irreverent, a bit daft, slick, and action and gore more in keeping with the slap-stick style of the original ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Drag Me To Hell’. Bruce/Ash, and even the car, made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I hope that this series delivers.

Now all I need is a ‘Twin Peaks’ season 3 trailer–oh right, it’s been delayed until 2017! 😦 Oh, well. Can’t have it all.


What do you think?

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