Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy 1/6 Scale…


My other half recently completed his Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy ensemble of 1/6 scale figures–and they are awesome.

Each figure comes in a nice box which is easy to get in and out of–none of those annoying wire ties, and come with a variety of hands for poses and holding weapons.

The faces of Starlord and Gamora are amazing with soft looking features and skin. The eyes on all of them glisten giving a nice touch of realism. Gamora is let down a little by her costume–the metallic blue zigzags just stand out too much and give her a toy-like appearance. I know–she’s a toy. Yet the costume of Starlord is great, the materials are weathered and have a nice weight, and gather and crease for the scale. He also has a second head with the mask and light up lenses.

My favourites are Groot and Rocket though. Groot is heavy and satisfyingly solid and the bark texture is effective. Rocket is let down a little by some limited poseability, and Groot can have some obvious joints if posed in different ways. The clamping system to enable Rocket to be on Groot’s back is a little heavy-handed and visible, and they come with separate named stands which is a bit disappointing as they’re obviously going to be posed together. But they just look AWESOME. Groot and Rocket’s expressions are great, and together they just make each other. There’s also a potted baby Groot too.

This really makes me want the Star Wars range that’s coming out. Having to watch then pass me by is gonna hurt!


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