Reflecting on October (2015)…

‘Get Over It’ launched at the beginning of the month after a pre-order period and a month of posting self-help posts on social media. It launched with about a dozen sales and has flat lined since. So, not stellar. It joins ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ and ‘Ivory’ as titles that are non-movers, leaving ‘Harvest’ and ‘The Room’ as my titles that have daily sales.

My titles are definitely suffering from a lack of promotion and I need to look into options there. However, I can only think the tags make some difference because I am getting sales. Curious. The lack of reviews is odd too. Perhaps people buy titles and don’t read them? Or not many people write reviews? I don’t know.

On the writing front, the lack of interest in ‘The Darkwood Mysteries’ is making me question whether I should be investing more writing time in these at the moment and whether I should move onto other projects. I have made a tentative start on a new novel set in the present day about people who discover they have occult powers. It’s been fun to plan out, starting with golems, a plane crash, a riot and a therapy session that doesn’t end well–all causing people to discover they have frightening powers. It’s quite different to other projects, perhaps a bit urban fantasy. We’ll see where it goes, as I do want to write more Darkwood.

Sadly, I do need to get back to my studies for bookkeeping and accountancy. So, writing, and writing related activities will be sidelined a little. On a side note, I’m practising this ‘relaxing’ and taking ‘time-out’ business I keep telling myself I should do, so my time isn’t all about writing and studying. I have a tendency to think I should be ‘doing’ when I could just be chilling out. So, I’ve been reading, and I’ve got a bike now and been joining my husband on his jaunts (not in the mountain bike trail he goes on though–I’m not mental), and I’ve managed to burn through 51 episodes of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’… Netflix achievement! I also had a great time at comic con last week dressed as the ‘Dark Archer’ beside my other half as ‘Arrow’. Anyway, that’s been my month.

What do you think?

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