Arrow Dark Archer / League of Assassins Cosplay Costume


Did you know Jawas are in the League of Assassins?

Another comic con is behind us. Our second in costume. Again, with little in the way of props or dressed areas laid on by the convention, and talks being rammed, I still say the geek merch and the attendees in costume are the best part of going.

We did our bit. This time, I had been able to buy a costume to go along with my other half as the DC TV series’ ‘Arrow’. It would’ve been cool to go in the cosplaysky ‘Arsenal’ costume, but it was a bit more than I wanted to pay out for. Saw a few at comic con and have costume regret–it looks awesome. Plus, I’m not sure I can pull off Abercrombie youth Colton Haynes (phrasing), but can be a passable mature gay as a villain. When I saw they had a more affordable ‘Dark Archer’ or ‘League of Assassins’ I had been a bit unsure about my costume, but when it arrived (from China in a little under a week!) I quickly chucked it on and instantly felt assassiny. So, what could a grown 3# year old do, but wait for his husband to come home so I can fake assassinate him…

He thought the costume was pretty cool too. I wasn’t sure many people would know what I was, it does look a little Lord of the Ringsy and also a bit Babylon 5 rangery, but at the con a few people came up to me to say they knew it and liked it and hadn’t seen them before, so I thought I would write a little bit about the costume itself…

After the impractical ‘V’ shock trooper I had wanted something lighter, easy to walk around in and with as few props to carry as possible. This pretty much ticked all those boxes. Being just a jacket I was able to make the rest of the costume up from stuff I had already–black chinos, Chelsea boots and a black long sleeve top. The jacket has a nice leather look, but is thankfully thin. It’s lined though, so it has substance to it. It comes with a really cool ninja style full head mask–which reinforced how massive my head is, as it didn’t fit me. It fits my other half. Confirming my freakish head size. That wasn’t too much of a loss though, as I didn’t want to be slipping that on and off all day for any pics that people might have wanted. I ended up buying some stretchy black fabric and made a kind of snood scarf thing that would just sit around my neck and I could pull up over the lower half of my face. Yes, me, fabric, sewing, and a cat who was in my face the whole time I tried to stitch the damn thing.

My handy work does bring me onto one point–the costume needed a bit of adaptation to be practical for walking about in all day. The leather like cuff with the tassels is a separate piece and would just drop off my skinny arm and go over my hand. I ended up sewing that in place. Plus the jacket doesn’t fasten up at the front. A discreet button and loop would have been perfect as the costume tends to move around and needed me to keep pulling it together at the front and tugging it down at the hem. Realising I would end up looking like a post-fight assassin with moving around, I used some velcro. The quiver is detachable by press studs, or it was–the press studs don’t hold and with the weight of actual arrows in it the quiver sags and breaks free, but I fixed that with some more stitching. I would’ve altered it anyway as I wanted the quiver pointing straight up instead of out at an angle. I wanted to do as little twatting of people as possible. I also sewed in a couple of belt loops to keep the straps from moving around too much and to hold the costume together, I think the costume really needs those. Only minor quibbles for a great quality costume that I’m sure I’ll be wearing again at the 2016 City of Heroes convention. I seriously can’t get over how well priced these costumes are considering the tat that gets sold in fancy dress shops over here.

My bow was a toy Lord of the Rings bow painted gloss black with some fabric tied around the hand grip, and the arrows were real sporting arrows (rounded tips) with the flights coloured black with permanent marker. I’m going to cut the tips off for my next outing. I got security checked at the con. Which was fine, as they passed, but I had to be walked the whole length of the halls and back to get that done. There was some minor twattage of people with my arrows, but nothing to be worried about really. I was glad for my improvised mask on the day as a few people wanted pics and it was easy to go full costume. If you do go in this costume beware the tassles on the cuff though… Which brings me to the toilet test… I managed not to pee on the tassles (skills), only to have my tassles go in the sink when I washed my hands and flick water all over the place. Thankfully I had black trousers on, or I would have looked like I peed myself… I quickly realised that having a quiver of arrows on your back does not fit with standing next to someone at a urinal–twattage risk is very high.

Really pleased with my purchase, and can’t wait to wear it again. Why work won’t have a dress like an assassin day I don’t know…


Already planning my next costume, which will be ‘Star Wars’ for Celebration 16. I’m thinking Imperial officer (easy–but bit boring?) or rebel trooper (easy, but for the chore of having a helmet…). Any experience with either of these? What do you think of the costume choices?


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