Free Book For An Honest Review?

Reviews. You use ’em. They sell books. I need ’em. And You can write ’em.

Despite there being a steady trickle in my sales the purchase to review ratio is pretty low. Aside from me shouting at the Internet in Tweets and Facebook posts there’s 0 going on promotion wise for me. I can’t afford advertising. What I can afford though, is to buy you–yes, you–one of my Amazon Kindle books, or to send you a PDF of one of my books to read. All I ask in return is a commitment to write a fair and honest review on the title’s Amazon page. Sound fair enough?

Simply head over to my Amazon page and pick any fiction title you want to review (excluding ‘Horrible Disasters’). Direct Message me over at Twitter or Facebook with your email address, tell me the title you want to read and review, and whether you want it on Kindle or PDF. For Kindle versions I’ll send you a gift voucher to cover the cost of purchasing my title, and for PDF versions I’ll… well, send you the PDF file. I also welcome reviews from bloggers and other review sites. Also, if anyone has any recommendations of reviewers, on Amazon or other places, then get in touch or leave a comment here.

I hope to hear from some of you soon!


What do you think?

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