Star Wars: Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games (or why I will have less money in 2016…)

star-wars-rebellionSome people despair at their financial situation. Many blame their kids, their government, or even immigrants. If I were to join those in scapegoating, then I guess I would have to blame Fantasy Flight Games. With my shelves loaded with ‘Eldritch Horror’, ‘Elder Signs’, ‘Star Wars: X-wing’, ‘Star Wars: Armada’ games, expansions and accessories, Fantasy Flight Games are now releasing a board game: ‘Star Wars: Rebellion’. Seriously, Fantasy Flight, just ask me to invest in your company. I already feel like I should have shares in you. I have 0 idea what this game is going to be like, but I know I want it. I’m think it’ll be a cross between ‘Risk’ and ‘Eldritch Horror’. Which would be epic.


What do you think?

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