Reflecting on November (2015)… Unleashing ‘The Pack’

November has been a BUSY month. Studying. Editing. Oh, and Christmas shopping. Which seemed to involve buying myself lots of board games. I think my month off from saving went to my head. And my money went to various games companies… Thankfully I haven’t got to pass off any obscure games as presents for other people (like buying my four year old niece ‘Fury of Dracula’), and I actually bought the presents I was meant to. Phew.

The big thing this month was receiving the edit of ‘The Pack’ from… well, my editor… thankfully she didn’t suggest any major rewrites, but being a masochistic perfectionist I decided to cut it about it. I’ve read it, and re-read it. Again. Edited and re-edited it. Again. And it’s now shiny and launched on Amazon. Yeah. I was going to do a build-up pre-order thing, but this is the last of my work that needed to be edited and re-released, and I couldn’t face the slog of trying to get interest in it through social media, and just wanted to unleash ‘The Pack’.

I know I have to say this… because I wrote the thing… and I kind of hope you might buy it… But I bloody love this book. Once again, it’s quite different to my other novels. Whereas most of those are set claustrophobic environments and are small-scale horror stories, this is about dogs in London going crazy and turning on the population, so it has a bigger scale, and being set in a more procedural crime novel it has quite a different feel. One common theme remains though–characters who have to face up to the fact that there is much more to the world they live in than they dared to imagine…

Segue to book blurb…


DI Joe Carter is called upon to investigate the deaths of two fellow officers who are savaged by dogs while pursuing a criminal organisation. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary investigation or isolated incident—all across London man’s best friend begins biting and tearing at the hand that feeds it. The dogs are forming a pack that grows as quickly as the victims it creates; the dead, the injured, and the people the dogs infect with their madness. Yet, to Joe the attacks still seem to be connected to the criminal organisation, and he has a fight on his hands to keep the case and make sense of what is happening. He is convinced that behind the vicious pack of animals is the hand of man, but is unprepared for the truth that will shake his understanding of the world…

It’s also long, thick and satisfying. How does that grab ya?

I’m going to have to rework the cover. It’s a bit dark, and reduced down to a thumbnail I’m not sure it’s as clear as it could be.

Anyway, if you like DI Carter I have plans for him and his world. I’m planning that each book will be standalone, but I’ll be seeding some characters and events into them so that when I’m finished with him there’ll be one book that ties things together.

If you fancy it, then please go treat yourself. I’m sure if you sat on my knee I could stroke my imaginary white beard and tell if you’ve been a good boy/girl and whether you deserve it. Okay, that went creepy quickly. Just buy it so I can move on.

Don’t forget to review it when you’re done.

On a personal level, I had good fun at Comic Con. Less fun at Hyper Japan (the change of venue didn’t suit it–and it was freezing) and doing my best to try and relax and get some more chill time so I’m not all about the writing. Which I’ve actually managed to do, even with a big editing project. Now I’m all about Star Wars Battelfront. Anyway, that was my November. Hope yours was suitably frosty and mildly teasing foreplay for the Christmas month and the climax of the festivities to come…


What do you think?

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